3 Million People Have Signed a Petition Calling for $2,000-a-Month Stimulus Checks.

Interested in receiving an additional $2,000 per month right away? As Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner in Colorado, puts it: For the past two years, Bonin has been working on a Change.org petition to demand $2,000 monthly stimulus cheques for all Americans. Approximately 3 million signatures have been collected for this petition, according to CNBC.

“It appears to me that this is what 3 million people are saying: “We just need assurance.” Every month, we need to have something concrete to look forward to “The CEO of CNBC, Bonin, said:

“We are still experiencing significant difficulties in our country. Many Americans have yet to benefit from the recovery — the genuine unemployment rate for low-wage employees is believed to be more than 20 percent, and many individuals are saddled with significant bills from last year’s expenses such as electricity, rent, and child care, among others.

The fact is that checks should be targeted to individuals who are still struggling, and Congress should take note of the lessons learned from the last year “Written in the petition was a letter from Bonin.

3 Million People Have Signed a Petition Calling for $2,000-a-Month Stimulus Checks.

Will there be some sort of respite soon? It appears that there is some good news, as well as some not so good news.

The IRS appears to be the only source of hope.

The ordinary American household may soon be able to breathe easier. Tax credits were increased to $3,000 from $2,000 by the American Rescue Plan Act for the 2021 tax year, although this increase ended in 2022.

It took six months to get the first half of the tax credit, which was paid out in monthly instalments from July to December, with a $300 payment for children under six years old.

Families with children between the ages of 6 and 17 received a $250 monthly stipend. During the spring of this year, when households submit their 2021 tax returns, they will get the second half as a lump amount.

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Families with children will undoubtedly benefit from the influx of funds. The remainder of the 2022 tax credit payments will most likely be issued as a tax refund, but this is troubling because the IRS has already said that there would be delays in the delivery of the credits.

Commissioner Chuck Rettig of the Internal Revenue Service stated that the epidemic “continues to provide issues.” (Source)

The question then becomes, what about individuals who are retired or who do not have children? During this period of growing prices, are you feeling completely stranded? Due to the closure of a large number of programmes, the unpleasant fact is that your alternatives are more restricted at this time.

Perhaps one of the most important things we can do is sign this petition and communicate with our elected officials to express our desire for further aid during this difficult time period.

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