A Letter Written by a World War II Soldier Has Just Been Delivered to His Family, 76 Years After It Was Written.


For many active-duty soldiers, hand-written letters are their main way of getting in touch with their families. Imagine sending a note home from a war zone and not getting it for seven decades. John Gonsalves was an American soldier who served in Germany after World War II. It’s not likely that he would have been able to do that today. He wrote to his mother on December 6, 1945, but it didn’t arrive home for another 76 years.

The note was supposed to go to his mom’s house in Woburn, Massachusetts, which is just outside of Boston. It was supposed to tell her how he was doing. “Dear Mom, I’m sorry. This morning, I got another letter from you. I was happy to hear that everything is fine “Then he wrote. “As for myself, I’m fine and we’re getting along well. Besides, the food is always bad.” While he made it home from Germany, his letter got lost on the way. It was found last year at a United States Postal Service distribution centre in Pittsburgh.

A Letter Written by a World War II Soldier Has Just Been Delivered to His Family, 76 Years After It Was Written.
When the workers at the post office found out about the soldier’s letter, they went to the soldier’s family and finally delivered it after years. In 2015, John was 92 years old. Angelina Gonsalves, who was married to him for 89 years, got the airmail envelope. Asked WXFT-TV: “Can you imagine 76 years? That’s a lot.” “I couldn’t believe it. All of his handwriting and everything. It was just so great. It’s as if he came back.”

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The letter came to Angelina’s house in Woburn around Christmas, which was John’s favourite time of year. In this case, “It was just a weird feeling that I had.” “As if he was around us at Christmas.” After John came home from the war in 1949, he gave her and her friend a ride home from the shoe factory where they worked. They got married in 1953 and had five children during their 61-year marriage. “We worked well together,” John said. “In fact, I had a good life. It was great.”

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