Apply Now for $1,000 Monthly Stimulus Payments, March 2022 Update!


The implementation of basic income programs, which guarantee citizens a specific amount of money each month, is becoming increasingly popular in states across the country. Variations of this concept are being implemented in numerous states and localities around the United States, and they function as a form of a stimulative check with an added boost.

Could this be a whole different example? Participants in this California program must be residents of West Hollywood, California, and must fall into a certain demographic group in order to qualify.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the West Hollywood Pilot for Guaranteed Income can submit an application right away by clicking here. Among other peculiarities, it is possible that this is the first of its kind in the United States. In collaboration with the National Council of Jewish Women/Los Angeles, the city of Los Angeles is examining the impact of cash transfers on the quality of life of LGBTQIA older adults.

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Obtaining Cash for Nothing

based on the program’s definition as defined by the city? In order to choose 25 participants, the applicant pool will be split into two groups at random by a computer. As a result, they will receive $1,000 in free money, which will be distributed starting in April of this year. Payments will be made until the end of September 2023, at the latest.

Every state and territory in the United States has a number of municipalities, counties, and private guaranteed income pilots, each of which is giving unconditional cash transfers to investigate how guaranteed income improves people’s lives.

‘The City of West Hollywood is experimenting with the growing possibility of guaranteed income to help prevent homelessness, assist community members as they age in place, and alleviate the stresses of poverty and financial instability,’ according to the city.

In collaboration with the city of Philadelphia, Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for a Guaranteed Income, a pilot program for a data-driven guaranteed income has been established. But there’s more to it than that. Because of this, it was decided to perform the country’s first-ever LGBTQIA experiment on an older adult cohort, which would be the first of its kind.

According to the city, “LGBT older persons are less financially secure than their non-LGBT colleagues as a result of lifetime inequities and impediments to accessing programs that help older adults,” which are “as a result of lifetime inequities and impediments to accessing programs that help older adults.” According to the United States Census Bureau, 21.6 percent of LGBT individuals live in poverty, compared to 15.7 percent of cisgender non-LGBT individuals.

Monthly Stimulus Payments

A Guaranteed Basic Income Is One That Is Not Subject to Change

It is important to remember the following two features of the West Hollywood curriculum when preparing for a test:

  • After March 6, there will be no more applications accepted for consideration.
  • Interested parties can submit an online application at

This concept is also being tested in a number of other cities around the United States, including New York and San Francisco. People are attempting to distribute free money in states ranging from New Jersey to California, as well as many more locations in between.

A total of more than 100 ex-offenders in the Durham, North Carolina, the area will receive $500 monthly payments for the next year. The products in issue were purchased using money from the city’s Excel pilot program, which was funded by the city.

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Additionally, according to the study’s abstract, the purpose is to “explore the influence of guaranteed income on re-incarceration, employment, economic security, and income volatility.”

  • As part of a similar program, 175 low-income families in Rochester, New York, will receive $500 payments over the course of 12 months as part of a similar initiative. Those same monthly payments will be transmitted to the following 175 homes, for a total of 175 households throughout the next five years.
  • The Chicago City Council voted in favor of a universal basic income (UBI) plan, which would provide up to 5,000 households with $500 in free money every month.
  • Minneapolis and Philadelphia are two further cities that need to be included. The former is planning to implement its own version of a basic income starting in the spring of this year. For the next 24 months, it will distribute $500 each month to 200 homes. In a similar vein, the one in Philadelphia will begin operations in March. For a year, it will also give out $500 a month to 60 persons who have applied.
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