At the California Border, $2.9 Million Worth of Meth Was Discovered Disguised as Onions!


US Customs and Border Protection announced Friday that authorities recovered roughly 1,336 pounds of methamphetamine disguised as onions in Southern California. The narcotics seized are anticipated to be worth $2.9 million, officials added.

“This was not only a cunning attempt to smuggle in narcotics, one I’ve never seen before, but also a time-consuming endeavor to wrap narcotics in these little parcels made to resemble onions,” Sidney Aki, director of field operations in San Diego, said in a statement.

On February 20, border patrol officials conducted an inspection of a tractor trailer transporting an onion consignment. A police officer recommended the 46-year-old driver and the objects for a “more intensive assessment,” during which the tractor trailer was examined by a canine unit. A dog alerted cops to the package, prompting them to search it further.

Million Worth of Meth

That’s when officials discovered over 1,200 bundles of methamphetamine in the style of “tiny globes with a white coating” mixed in with genuine onion bags, CBP claimed.

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“While we have detected drugs in products previously, this level of care in the concealment is unprecedented for us,” Aki added.

The driver, a Mexican national, was apprehended and turned over to federal authorities for further disposition.

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