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Who is Best ISTP Anime Character? Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan) Or Asuma Sarutobi (Naruto)?

Best ISTP Anime Character

There are numerous things that are currently trendy, and we cannot deny that MBTI is also trendy. Today, knowing your MBTI is one of the most fascinating and essential things to undertake. Never take MBTI for granted because understanding one’s personality is crucial for every individual.

Does personality matter the most, but what if we wish to learn about a fictional character’s personality? Occasionally, imaginary characters play a crucial role in our lives. There are numerous personality types, including ISTJ, ISFJ, ENTP, ISTP, and others.

Nevertheless, I believe that ISTP is currently very popular because of its distinctive personality. Therefore, Otakus with the ISTP personality type are fascinated by the anime characters who share their personality.

Here are the ISTP characters that every anime fan should be familiar with. This list is not ranked; we have not included the names based on their positions. It has been produced to inform fans of anime series about their favorite character’s personalities and whether or not they share the same traits.

The following are the names of the incredible ISTP anime characters. This article will help you learn all pertinent information about your favorite ISTP anime character, so keep your eyes on it and pay close attention to every word.

Who is the Best ISTP Anime Characters?

02. Asuma Sarutobi (Naruto)

Do not be perplexed by my claim that Naruto is no longer an anime series. Naruto is no longer an anime series because it is now an emotion. A fan of anime cannot fail to identify this anime series and its characters. We can claim that Naruto has taught us a great deal, or that the anime itself is a book of teachings for us.

The plot, the characters, the voice actors, the music, the cinematography, and every other aspect of this anime series are all excellent. And as we all know, Naruto is a fantastic anime series, so it goes without saying that the characters in this anime are no joke either. As we are discussing ISTP anime characters, Asuma Sarutobi should be included. More than likely, the list is missing this character.

Asuma Sarutobi has appeared in both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. It is bad that Asuma Sarutobi is not one of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden’s main characters, but isn’t he too wonderful to be a supporting one? Asuma is a fantastic character, and he should be considered one of the key characters in this anime series. I am certain that you cannot disagree more with me on this issue.

Even though he is a supporting character, he nevertheless managed to win the hearts of the audience, and this anime series would have been so lacking without him, as he is one of the reasons why Naruto has been one of the most popular and great anime television shows.

Additionally, he is known as Asuma Sensei, Captain Asuma, Uncle Asuma, and Father. He is an exceptional ninja and Team 10’s leader. Jurota Kosugi lends his voice to this formidable character.

Asuma has a powerful and handsome appearance due to his height and strength. His eyes are a shade of brown. He enjoys smoking, but if something is troubling him, we shall discontinue this practice. Asuma exudes the energy of the main character due to his demeanor, and he does not feel like a supporting character. His MBTI type is ISTP, which explains why we are more drawn to this particular character.

If you have not yet watched Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, this is the ideal moment to begin. Begin the new year by watching Naruto, and your eyes will undoubtedly be blessed. This anime series is available for streaming on both Netflix and Crunchyroll.

01. Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Levi Ackerman is a popular character in Attack on Titan. Not only due of his appearance, but also his entire demeanor. He is a badass, an exceptional fighter, and a blunt speaker. His history is what makes Levi Ackerman the beloved character that he is today. He is humanity’s most formidable soldier.

Levi is 160 cm tall, 65 kg in weight, and in his 30s. Levi’s birthday is December 25th.

He is Calm, a short man with straight black hair that is undercut. Within the Scout Regiment, he is the commander of the Special Operations Squad. Typically, he is referred to as Captain Levi. Levi is typically seen wearing his Scout Regiment uniform.

During a war with Zeke, Jaeger Levi received multiple facial scars and an injury to his right eye, as well as the loss of his index and middle fingers on his right hand.

Levi spent her youth in a brothel because her mother, Kuchel Ackerman, was a prostitute. Levi was born to her mother, who became pregnant by one of her customers. When Kuchel’s mother passed away at that time, his brother Kenny Ackerman came to see her because he believed she was still alive. Levi has been sitting in the room in silence with their legs crossed.

Kenny is determined to care for him. He instructed him in knife skills, conduct, etc. When Levi was an adult and fighting someone, he observed Kenny living with him. Kenny did not view himself as a father figure for Levi, therefore when Levi reached adulthood, he abandoned him.

Levi is a cleanliness nut. Both he and his surroundings are kept exceedingly clean. Perhaps because of how he was raised as a child, he is now a neat freak. Levi’s speech is direct. And it is typically impossible to detect his emotions because he is less demonstrative of them.

Levi’s heart is exceedingly tender. Infrequently observed, he is compassionate. He has a profound regard for human life. When he learned that giants were once people and that he had slain humans, he was horrified.

He is very concerned about his teammates. Some instances where his loving personality is on display. When the female titan captured Eren and Mikasa, he went behind her to save Eren, and Levi followed to protect Mikasa and Eren from harm.

When Petra died during the battle with the female titan and the scouts returned, Petra’s father enthusiastically approached Levi and spoke about Petra’s commitment to the Survey Corps, but Levi did not respond and stayed silent.

As with the leader, Levi’s fighting abilities are no laughing matter. Few battles surpass the one with the female titan. The battle with the beast giant was awe-inspiring; not only did Levi survive the first encounter, but he performed his duties not once, but twice.

Another fight with Kenny that he survived as if he were under fire from bullets. Levi fought regardless of the circumstances, which is one of the reasons why he is so popular with the fans.

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