Biden’s Address, According to Valley Republicans, Was Lacking in Remedies to the Inflation Problem!


Republicans in Washington who represent the Valley are criticising the President’s State of the State address given late Tuesday, saying Biden should place a greater emphasis on a collaborative effort to relieve inflation.

Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, stating the US is experiencing the greatest inflation rate in 40 years, criticised President Barack Obama’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package, alleging it has resulted in price rises for fuel, food, and other things.

“This inflation issue is wreaking havoc on working families, eclipsing wage growth, and damaging our economy,” Portman stated in a statement. “The greatest way for the administration to build our economy and solve the high prices Americans encounter on a daily basis is to collaborate with Republicans on common-sense economic measures that spur growth.”

Congressman Bill Johnson of Ohio stated that he wants America to reclaim its energy independence by utilising domestic oil, natural gas, and coal resources.

“Europe’s hurry to embrace green energy policy has ensnared the continent in the grip of Vladimir Putin,” Johnson explained. “However, Europe, led by Germany, is changing direction, announcing plans to build new LNG import terminals, storing oil and coal, and restarting nuclear power plants that were just shut down. Neither will refuel our economy, contain inflation, or ward off a terrible ruler.”

According to Pennsylvania Representative Mike Kelly, Biden is failing to propose answers to inflation and rising gasoline and food prices.

Biden's Address

“Americans should not be forced to pick between heat and food,” Kelly said in a statement. “The President cannot evade reality: in his first year, his economic and energy policies have rendered America poorer and less safe.”

Kelly expressed delight at the President’s recognition of the nation’s obligation to finance police agencies and safeguard our borders. He said, however, that Biden’s immigration strategy was a failure, enabling over 2 million unauthorised immigrants to enter the southern border.

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Portman and Kelly expressed their support for Republican and Democratic measures to counter Russian aggression in Ukraine.

“We must use every available means to thwart Russia’s advances. The world’s eyes — particularly those of China, North Korea, and Iran — are on our reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “The President must demonstrate courage in the face of evil,” Kelly stated.

While Senator Portman accepted Biden’s penalties on Russia, he encouraged the implementation of further measures and the removal of what he called “bureaucratic impediments” to expedite the delivery of arms to Ukraine.

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