California Stimulus Checks: Will There Be Further Stimulus Payouts After the State’s Budget Surplus?

Many Californians may be in for some good news in the near future.

There is some good news on the way for residents in the United States, and notably for those in California, as a fourth stimulus check might be on the way a little later in 2022, according to reports.

California Stimulus Checks: Will There Be Further Stimulus Payouts After the State's Budget Surplus?

Due to a budget surplus, the Golden State Stimulus cheques were sent out towards the end of 2021, with the state of California subsequently distributing the funds to people who were in most need of financial assistance. It looks that something similar might occur in the coming months.

In his budget plan, Governor Gavin Newson forecasted a massive $45.7 billion budget surplus for the year, which means that the state of California is required to return around $2.6 billion of that amount to taxpayers. Governor Gavin Newson’s budget proposal was released on Monday.

Another check for the Golden State Stimulus?

Although it is not yet known if a stimulus check would be distributed in a similar fashion to last year’s Golden State Stimulus package, Gov. Newson has said that he is in conversation with the legislature about a means to provide a helping hand to Californians.

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Meanwhile, there are still some Californians who are waiting for the last Golden State Stimulus check payment to arrive, with the majority of these individuals having gotten postal checks as part of the programme.

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