China Warns The US That It Will Pay An “Unbearable Price” For Its Taiwan Actions.

On Thursday, Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that the US will “face an excruciating price” for any actions towards Taiwan’s self-rule.

In recent years, important flashpoints in China-US relations have included human rights, trade, and technology competitiveness.

Officials from China have said that if necessary, they will take Taiwan’s democratic island.

Despite the majority of nations chose Beijing as their formal capital, Taipei maintains strong unofficial links with Beijing.

China Warns The US That It Will Pay An "Unbearable Price" For Its Taiwan Actions.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that US intervention may lead to a dangerous scenario in an interview with CCTV and the state news agency Xinhua on Thursday night.

The US supported and promoted ‘Taiwan independence’ groups, as well as attempting to distort and weaken the one-China concept. In a statement, Wang Yi remarked

As a result, Taiwan will be put in a vulnerable situation, and the US would be obliged to pay a high price.

In an apparent dig at China, the US welcomed Taiwan to its Democracy Summit earlier this month.

President Joe Biden referred to Taiwan as “independent” earlier this month, but then amended his statements to state that US policy toward Taiwan has not changed.

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Despite the fact that the US does not recognise Taiwan’s independence, the Taiwan Act requires the government to support the island’s defence operations.

Taipei has warned countries that support its right to self-determination with retaliation if it declares its “independence” in a formal statement.

The Chinese military has launched a series of more aggressive naval and air operations around the island in response to a visit by a team of US legislators to China last month.

China’s efforts to isolate Taiwan from the rest of the world have grown significantly in recent years.

Nicaragua pledged its diplomatic allegiance to China earlier this month, leaving Taiwan with only 14 friends globally.

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