5+ Best And Unique Chritmas Pranks Ideas!


You are participating in a gift exchange, but you want your gift to stand out, be more enjoyable, and be memorable. Well, we have some gift exchange pranks and entertaining stuff that will make your gift the most discussed and possibly stolen item in the room.

Please be advised that we avoided glitter bombs, explosions/popping sounds, and anything with water or objects falling/spilling from the gift opener. We don’t want a mess or a gift to be dropped; we just wanted to add a little mystery and fun to your gift exchange.

Sticky Fingers

Prank 1

This prank entails placing your “sticky fingers” item into a slightly larger box. The secret to this gift exchange prank is the use of double-sided tape on the exterior of the item. The tape creates a sticky and amusing situation when the recipient of the gift attempts to pick it up and freaks out.

We advise laying the double-sided tape in a pattern of crossing lines. Thus, it is not necessary to cover the entire gift, but the majority of it is concealed and appears to be part of the wrapping design.

The Double-Sided Tape Gift Exchange Prank is suggested for gifts that can withstand a drop of 1 to 5 inches. (It is better to be cautious than sorry.) Not advised for delicate things.

Russian Nesting Presents

Nesting Boxes – Gift Exchange Gag

Russian Nesting Presents

People adore Russian nesting dolls, but you may not receive the same response if you place your gift exchange item in a box, inside a box, inside a box, inside a box, and possibly more boxes. This gift exchange prank works best with at least three boxes.

The gift-opener is likely to become irritated after the third unwrapping, therefore extra boxes enhance the suspense of discovering the gift’s contents. If you are able to create seven, eight, or even nine gift boxes, do so!

This gift exchange item may cause gift-opening frustration, but it is entertaining to observe.

Due of the need for numerous boxes, the gifts for this prank are typically modest. On Amazon, we discovered a variety of Christmas nesting boxes, one of which had 10 boxes!

This is How Santa Claus Rolls: Santa’s Toilet Paper

Gift Exchange Gift Pranks Toilet Paper

Gift Exchange Gift Pranks Toilet Paper

There is nothing more entertaining than someone opening their gift exchange gift and discovering a roll of toilet paper. You may now make toilet paper cool again by concealing gifts and other surprises along its length.

Take a roll of toilet paper that has already been wound onto a roll. You require somewhat less than half a roll. You must unroll the full roll to the end before beginning to layer gifts.

Tape the best gift to the end of the roll, then rewind the toilet paper and tape random gifts along the roll until it is completely rerolled. Wrap the toilet paper with a ribbon for a festive touch.

Include lost lottery tickets that have previously been scratched, scribble humorous notes, and even make the toilet paper appear worn (see below – skid marks).

Included in the gifts for this gift-grab party prank are lottery tickets, dollar notes, gift cards, movie tickets, possibly even individually wrapped tea bags, and any thin, readily bendable goods.

If you want to add some disgusting features to your toilet paper, use a candy bar or chocolate to create skid marks. It will appear as if Santa has already used it!

Once you have rolled your present exchange, bind it with a ribbon and title it Santa’s Roll.

Flying High – Balloon Surprise

Flying High - Balloon Surprise

Use this gift exchange prank inspired by balloons for both lightweight and heavier things. A few items can cause a balloon to deflate if they are tied to the ribbon.

Obtain a helium balloon with a lengthy ribbon string. Attach/tape lightweight things such as lottery tickets or gift cards to the balloon ribbon’s base. If you are in a room with a high ceiling, be careful to add weight to the balloon so that it does not escape. Additionally, tie the ribbons around any hefty object as an anchor.

How to present your gift for maximum effect. Obtain a box large enough to accommodate your balloon and gift. The finest box for this present is one with a single removable lid. Therefore, as soon as the lid is removed, the balloon can ascend. Boxes with flaps, such as those from Amazon, are less effective. The one I utilised in the video was not as amazing as it could have been.

After placing the gift in the bottom of the box, insert the balloon and shut it. Put a piece of tissue paper on top of the balloon to add some flair. (Adding too many weights delays the balloon’s ascension.)

Now, when the recipient opens the gift, the tissue paper and balloon should come out and startle them a bit. The recipient also receives a balloon as a fun surprise to accompany the gift.

Saran Wrap Ball: All Balled Up

Saran Wrap Funny Gift Exchange Pranks

Saran Wrap Ball: All Balled Up

Oh, the frustration of the individual who chooses this gift from the pile and discovers that it or they are tightly wrapped in a saran wrap ball! It is fun to watch someone struggle to unwrap and open this cumbersome gift. The centre of the saran wrap ball can contain a single gift or a multitude of things.

To make this gift, begin by covering a single object in saran wrap. Continue wrapping tightly until all of the plastic wraps has been utilised. If you are including numerous items in your ball, insert a new item every 3 to 7 wraps. As the saran wrap ball expands, it becomes easier to add stuff.

If the full roll of Saran wrap is used and other items are included, the ball can become fairly hefty. Consider this if you intend to use this product with children under 5 or adults over 70.

Small gifts in boxes, candies, beads, lottery tickets, party favours, gift cards, money, resin Christmas ornaments, and travel-size things work nicely for this gift exchange (but no lotion bottles where the lotion cause squeeze out.) and little portable goods.

This is a hilarious gift-wrapping joke, but we do not recommend it for organisations whose members may have arthritis. The objective is not to cause agony, but rather to provide enjoyment.

Prank Boxes

Gift Exchange Prank Boxes

Prank Boxes

Make them smile and question the authenticity of the present. Christmas prank boxes are an excellent way to entertain guests and make them question whether the item is real. You may simply fit a variety of gifts within these boxes, and if you package them correctly, the recipient may not even open the box, believing the object to be authentic.

Oh, the disappointment they may feel if they believe they received a Pet Petter, Fart Fan, or Roto Wipe!
Amazon, Target, and more businesses stocked Christmas prank boxes.

The simplest and most entertaining gift exchange prank on our list.

Tissue, Tissue, Tissue

Tissue, Tissue, Tissue prank

Hopefully, the recipient of this gift at your gift exchange will not shed tears while opening it. To uncover their gift, they need to remove all the tissues.

How to accomplish this feat. Open the side of a new tissue box with a knife or letter opener. Then, remove at least one-third or half of the stack of tissues. Then, insert your gift or gifts inside the tissues, with the best or most important gift at the bottom. (See video for illustration.)

Then, return the tissues to the box. Ensure that there are a sufficient number of tissues at the top so that the package resembles the original. Then, using adhesive, reseal the box. Now it appears that the tissue box is the gift!

The nicest part about this is that if you glue it well and use a brand-new, unopened box, it will appear to be a standard tissue box, and the recipient will believe it is the gift. Once they realise they must open it, they will enjoy removing the tissues until they reach the present. Money, lottery tickets, jewellery, gift cards, and small goods that can fit in a tissue box can be given as presents.


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