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Is Inflact Secure or This a Fraud?


I’m sure you’ve heard about Inflact if you’re in the Instagram growth game and actively seeking to locate your target audience and gain more Instagram followers (formerly known as Ingramer).

Over the course of a few years, Inflact has assisted over 15,000 people, businesses, and influencers in growing their Instagram followers, among other things.

In reality, Inflact (no pun intended) has a 4.5-star rating and good evaluations on trust pilot, some of which I will demonstrate later in this piece.

However, you’re undoubtedly wondering if Inflact is safe to use, as you’ve likely heard that services like this might result in account suspensions.

And that is precisely what we will discuss in this post.

In addition, we will delve further into the Inflact service – what they offer and how you can effectively utilise them as an Instagram growth service.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also provide you with the top alternatives to Inflact in terms of the greatest growth services and the best site to acquire organic followers.

We hope that our evaluation will assist you in determining if Ingramer’s products will help you without requiring you to waste time searching for the things that actually help you gain more followers.

Don’t have time? Here is the abridged version: Inflact is a terrific tool for offsetting some of the tedious IG growth activities, but they are NOT the greatest solution for gaining Instagram followers or interaction.

Review of Inflact 2023 – What is Inflact?

Inflact (Ingramer) is an industry-leading Instagram bot that helps you expand your account by providing a variety of services.

These modules include a hashtag generation service, a profile analyzer, and an Instagram trends identifier, in addition to modules for advertising your Instagram account and scheduling posts.

Inflact is a comprehensive service. However, with such a service, can any of their features truly take the cake?

Because the inflact company has so many features to offer their clients and their customer accounts, are they able to devote the necessary resources to ensure that they all function properly?

In terms of our independent testing, we found that the Inflact clients (DM and chatbot material) and Inflact content (post-scheduling) were the clear winners, however, the audience portion (automation) significantly underperformed.

It is important to keep in mind that Instagram does not offer any type of full automation service, which makes it difficult to operate.

The same was true of Ingramer. Our client accounts were disconnecting and being subjected to daily limits, which resulted in shadow banning and a deterioration of account health overall.

Therefore, in our opinion, Inflact’s hashtag generator, discovering hashtag trends, direct messenger, AKA DM service, and Inflact Instagram viewer services are excellent.

Detailed Service Evaluation

If you want to purchase Instagram followers or Instagram likes, Thunderclap is without a doubt the finest alternative. With auto-refills, rapid delivery, and an A+ customer care team, Thunderclap is an all-around superior alternative for Instagram growth.

Inflact’s Principal Characteristics

As mentioned previously, Inflact’s Instagram bots have so many functions and additional services that it is difficult to keep track of them all.

The company claims to offer auto likes, auto follow/unfollow, comments, direct messages, scheduled publishing, and other utilities including a fully managed hashtag generator.

So that you can readily track what they are and determine which would be ideal for you as one of their users, we will examine them in depth below.

To connect your Instagram profile to the Ingramer service, you must register and add your Instagram account.

This will enable you to set up your new campaign and begin scheduling posts, using the hashtag generator, and growing your Instagram following.

What Features Does The Profile Analyzer Contain?

When searching for a profile using Inflact’s profile analyzer, a multitude of various metrics are retrieved…

Obviously, you will see engagement metrics and standard statistics (uploads, engagement%, followers, average user activity) in addition to the number of posts per day, week, and month.

This will give you an indication of how often you should publish per day, as well as the optimal posting hours.

In addition, you will observe the amount of post engagement, the most popular post time depending on the 100 most recent posts, and a great deal more.

We believe this is the most useful research tool for determining why Instagram profiles are successful or unsuccessful.

Is Inflact secure? Is This a Fraud?

In general, we’d have to say that Inflact is safe; but, you should be aware that whenever you connect your Instagram account to an Instagram bot, you’re always at danger.

Regardless of whether or not Inflact has great ratings, you will always be taking a risk.

We recognise that buyers will gladly accept this risk, which is acceptable. If the features are valuable and the product is useful to you, then by all means.

Remember that clients who are prevented from using the service are frequently in a terrible situation from which they cannot recover.

Does Inflact Have an Effective Customer Service Team?

Inflact has a competent customer service staff. We contacted them on multiple occasions, and they were always kind and helpful in response to our support inquiries.

Reviewer of Inflact 2023– Conclusion

We believe Inflact is an excellent tool for the majority of users. However, when it comes to expanding your Instagram, we believe this company may not be the greatest choice. We recommend Thunderclap for purchasing Instagram followers and Instagram likes of any kind.

However, Inflact does offer some excellent development tools that can help you expand, and we do believe that their growth services are among the best available.


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