IRS Tax Refund Deposit Dates 2022: When Is the IRS Sending Refunds?


Americans are interested to know when the IRS will begin issuing refunds in 2022, which is why we will cover the most crucial details in this post.

In contrast to 2020 and 2021, the 2022 tax-filing season begins much earlier, with US citizens obliged to complete their returns by Monday, April 18, 2022.

As a consequence, the federal and state income tax return filing procedure should be very regular, resulting in taxpayers getting refund cheques within two or three weeks after the aforementioned date.

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When Does the IRS Issue Refunds?

A taxpayer’s tax refund will be issued based on a variety of variables, including:

  • When the taxes are submitted
  • If the person is filing a tax return and seeking credits (especially EITC or CTC)
  • Whether the return is mailed or electronically submitted
  • Whether or whether the taxpayer has any outstanding federal obligations
  • The COVID stimulus checks distributed in 2020 and 2021 will have no effect on income tax refunds, however certain taxpayers may be found to be due one, which might result in larger refunds.

Processing will be delayed by two to three weeks if an income tax return includes the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Child Tax Credit.

IRS Tax Refund

Tax returns submitted online by January 24 will be sent by January 31. Those who arrive by January 31st will be sent out on February 11th.

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The following list displays the filed-by date on the left, followed by the date the tax refund will be mailed on the right.

  1. From February 7th through February 18th
  2. From February 14th until February 25th
  3. During the period of February 21 to March 4,
  4. The dates are February 28th through March 11th.
  5. From March 7th until March 18th
  6. From March 14th until March 25th
  7. From March 21st until April 1st
  8. From March 28 to April 8,
  9. April 4th until April 15th
  10. From April 11 to April 22,
  11. From April 18th until April 29th
  12. From April 25th through May 6th
  13. From May 2 to May 13, there will be no classes.
  14. From May 9 to May 20,
  15. From May 16th through May 27th
  16. From May 23 to June 4,
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