Who is Jeffrey Dahmer And Is He Die or Still Alive?


Jeffrey Dahmer, an American serial killer, was sentenced to 16 terms of life imprisonment in 1992 at the age of 32, with an additional life term added later; nevertheless, he was slain in jail just over two years into his sentence.

Evan Peters of American Horror Story portrays Dahmer in the new Netflix miniseries Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which has sparked a great deal of conversation about the serial killer’s life and murders.

This is all the information you need regarding the death of the Milwaukee Cannibal and his killer, fellow inmate Christopher Scarver.

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Die?

Christopher Scarver, an inmate at Columbia Correctional Institution, attacked Dahmer, resulting in his death.

On the morning of November 28, 1994, Dahmer, Scarver, and Jesse Anderson were escorted from their cells to do their assigned labor duties, which included cleaning the toilet block.

The three were left unattended in the shower area for around 20 minutes, and at 8:10 a.m., Dahmer was discovered with significant head injuries on the bathroom floor.

Jeffrey Dahmer

It was determined that Scarver, armed with a newspaper clipping detailing Dahmer’s misdeeds, had murdered him with a prison gym bar. Scarver tucked the bar within the pant leg of his pants.

Dahmer survived the initial beating; however, he sustained significant skull and facial fractures, and he passed away an hour after being transported to the hospital. Scarver also assaulted Anderson, who died of similar injuries two days later.

Scarver then reinstalled the bar in the workout area and returned to his cell without being discovered by guards.

In his will, Dahmer requested that no memorial service be performed for him; instead, he desired cremation. Dahmer’s body was burned and his ashes were divided between his parents in September 1995.

Where is Christopher Scarver Today, and Who is He?

Scarver, an American born on 6 July 1969, was convicted of murder in 1992 and sentenced to life in prison. Similar to Dahmer, he landed in the Columbia Correctional Institution in Wisconsin at about the same time.

Scarver was born in Milwaukee and raised there; he is the second of five children. He attended James Madison High School but dropped out during his junior year. Scarver enrolled in a one-year Conservation Corps carpentry training program.

Scarver said that he was assured by supervisor Edward Patts that he would be provided a job following completion of the program; however, after Patts was fired, the full-time position that Scarver was purportedly offered also vanished.

As a result, Scarver began drinking heavily and consuming cannabis, and after his mother kicked him out of the house and his girlfriend became pregnant, he began plotting his revenge against site manager John Feyen, whom he claimed was responsible for his “losing his job.”

Christopher Scarver

Scarver approached the office of the training program on 1 June 1990, expecting to see only Feyen there, but Steven Lohman was also present.

Scarver demanded money from the men at gunpoint, but when Feyen revealed that he had only $15 in his wallet, he shot Lohman in the head.

He asked, “Do you think I’m joking? I require extra funds.”

Scarver shot Lohman twice more before obtaining a $3,000 check from Feyen. Again, he shot Lohman in the head before Feyen could escape down the street. Scarver shot Feyen before fleeing with the check, $15, and the credit card of the manager.

Later, the police discovered Scarver sitting on the stoop of his girlfriend’s apartment building. Police discovered the check, credit card, and semiautomatic weapon he had used during his arrest.

Scarver told a court-appointed psychiatrist months after the shooting, “I don’t know what came over me. I was never in trouble with the authorities and never involved in a fight.”

He reportedly claimed that spirits told him he was the son of God and “told him to accomplish what he is doing now.” Scarver stated that the voices informed him that “everything was going to be okay and that this was destined to happen” and that he was “the chosen one.”

Today, Scarver stays in prison and writes songs, short stories, and poetry in his spare time.

Who Exactly Was Jesse Anderson?

Anderson was the second inmate that Scarver murdered with Dahmer.

Anderson, born on May 3, 1957, was convicted of murdering his wife Barbara Lynch in August 1992 and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for sixty years.

Prior to the murder, Anderson and Lynch resided with their three young children in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. He and Lynch were married in Chicago in 1985.

On 21 April 1992, Anderson and his wife went to a Milwaukee shopping mall for dinner and a movie.

Anderson informed police that his wife was stabbed in the face and head by two young Black men as they were ready to enter their vehicle. He told authorities that he attempted to save her and was stabbed four times in the chest in the process.

Jesse Anderson

Anderson did have a punctured lung from a knife cut, but all other wounds were superficial. Lynch never recovered consciousness after the attack and passed away at the age of 33 two days later.

The former head of the Milwaukee police homicide section, William Vogl, told reporters at the time, “This type of injury, the mutilation of the face, jumps out at you.

This relates it to a… crime of passion, in my opinion.

Anderson presented police with a Los Angeles Clippers basketball cap that he claimed to have knocked off the head of one of the attackers; however, after details of the crime were made public, a university student informed the authorities that Anderson had purchased the exact same cap from him a few days prior.

Additionally, employees at a military store told authorities that Anderson purchased the fishing knife used to murder Lynch a few weeks previously. According to reports, the store in question was the only location in Milwaukee to sell that specific type of knife.

A month before the murder, Anderson had called his wife’s insurance company to confirm that her $250,000 policy was still active.

After being released from the hospital, Anderson was arrested and later convicted of murdering his wife.

Why Did He Murder Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer?

After murdering Dahmer and Anderson, Scarver said that God had instructed him to do it.

A prison officer cited him as saying, “God instructed me to do it.” It will be covered in the 6 o’clock news.

Both Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer have passed away.

In a 2015 interview with the New York Post, Scarver elaborated on his decision to murder Dahmer and Anderson.

According to the interview, Dahmer would fashion severed limbs and blood from prison meals and tomato sauce sachets in order to terrify his fellow inmates.

Christopher Scarver on why he killed Jeffrey Dahmer

Scarver stated, “He would plant them in areas frequented by people.

“He crossed the line with convicts and jail personnel. However, he was not one of those penitent prisoners.

On the day he murdered Dahmer and Anderson, Scarver stated that he had just grabbed his mop and was filling his bucket with water when he was jabbed in the back.

“When I turned around, [Dahmer] and Jesse were sort of chuckling under their breath,” said Scarver. I gazed directly into their eyes but was unable to determine who was responsible.

After the three were separated, he followed Dahmer to the staff locker room, he explained.

He stated, “I questioned Dahmer if he had committed these acts because I was utterly repulsed. He was astonished. Indeed, he was.

“He began searching for the door quite quickly. I obstructed him. He ended up dead. I lowered his head.”

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Scarver stated that following the altercation with Dahmer, he entered the locker room where Anderson was working, were “very much the same thing” occurred.

Scarver thought that it was no coincidence that he was left unsupervised with Dahmer since prison officials were apparently aware that he desired Dahmer’s death.

He said that the guards “had something to do with what happened” because they mysteriously vanished before he killed Dahmer.

Scarver pleaded “no contest” to the killings in exchange for a transfer to a federal prison. He was sentenced to two life terms in addition to the life term he was already serving.

The majority of Dahmer’s victims were either Black or Hispanic, and Anderson sought to frame two Black men for his wife’s murder.

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