Does David Spade Have a Spouse and Children?


David Spade has skillfully constructed a humorous persona as an arrogant jerk, yet in reality, he is a charming ladies’ guy. Did any of the ladies with whom the Tommy Boy actor has been associated attain the status of his wife? Find out the truth about the comedian’s past relationships and whether he is now in a relationship.

Was David Spade Ever Married?

Spade has never been married, although he has enjoyed the companionship of numerous women during his life.

In 2019, just prior to the premiere of his brief Comedy Central series Lights Out with David Spade, he commented on his everlasting bachelor status. It turns out that he is not entirely opposed to the notion of a long-term relationship. He must first get through a few obstacles.

Spade told the New York Times, “I find it really difficult to settle down for a variety of reasons that we will not go into.” “Too much data, too many megabytes. However, I have been attempting to do so. I have known someone for many years. I have attempted to make things work.”

Was David Spade Ever Married?

However, the comic stated that he preferred to keep his reputation as a seducer for the sake of his career.

“If I say, ‘Yeah, I’m dating someone and things are going OK,’ [the audience] goes, ugh,” he continued. I do not believe that is what they wish to hear.

David Spade’s Romantic Background

Spade has been appropriately referred to as a “comedy Casanova” and “the George Clooney of the comic industry.” Over the years, he has been associated to a multitude of (usually blonde) ladies.

In the mid-1990s, one of his earliest prominent romances was with Kristy Swanson, the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A few years later, he was linked to Tara Reid, the star of American Pie and Sharknado.

Throughout the 2000s, Spade collaborated with a number of well-known actresses, such as Pamela Anderson, Desperate Housewives’ Nicolette Sheridan, Modern Family’s Julie Bowen, and Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife Carmen Electra.

In 2017, he was spotted in Hawaii with Glee actress Naya Rivera, his last high-profile relationship.

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Rivera, who just filed for divorce from Ryan Dorsey, addressed the claims in an Instagram story. “I just saw that the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are dating you two,” she added.

Given his hectic dating life, it is easy to forget that the actor from Grown Ups is also a father! Harper, Spade’s 12-year-old daughter, is the result of his relationship with Jillian Grace, a former Playboy Playmate.

Consider Spade’s amorous exploits as you will, but the comedian’s relationship with his daughter is rock strong.

Spade stated in his audiobook A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World, “I now have a daughter, and she is the result of an unplanned relationship with a woman I was dating.” “And I am enraged since my brothers and I were predetermined.” Now that I have a daughter, who is the best thing in my life, I couldn’t imagine not answering her call if she were unwell.

Does David Spade Have a Spouse and Children?

david spade daughter

Harper Spade is the only child that David Spade has with his ex-girlfriend.

Although David gives off the impression of being a lifelong bachelor, he is actually a parent. Jillian Grace, who was formerly David’s girlfriend and is now a model for Playboy, is the mother of his daughter, Harper Spade.

Is David Spade Currently Dating Anyone?

David’s history of monogamous relationships makes it quite clear that he is of a straight sexual orientation. The actor has a reputation for being a “ladies’ man” due to the fact that he has dated more than 20 different women in the past. However, he has never been married.

In May 2020, he disclosed his dating status to Page Six. However, he kept silent regarding the specifics.

“I’m now dating someone,” he stated. “It’s not a horrible deal because it’s quarantine right now. I’m trying.”

Even if the plan fails, Spade will never be alone. On The Howard Stern Show, he once joked that he has several techniques under his sleeve to attract beautiful women.

He said, “I give girls a Joe Dirt key chain and an Emperor’s New Groove throw pillow, and I tell them to retrieve a Kate Spade odd bag from the garage.”

According to his ex-girlfriend Heather Locklear, Spade’s modesty is deceptive. In 2017, she revealed to TMZ the true reason she believes he is a woman magnet. The explanation is NSFW, so let’s just say his secret weapon is in his underwear.

As long as Spade and his ex-girlfriends are enjoying their time together, we have no problem with it. Nothing is more attractive than a person with a sense of humor, and he has lots to offer.

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