Is Quinn Tivey a Lesbian or a Gay? Know About His Sexuality Here!


Quinn Tivey is a well-known figure in the entertainment business. He comes from a family with a long history in acting. Elizabeth Taylor, a prominent actress of the 1950s, is his grandmother. Additionally, his grandfather Mike Todd is an Oscar-winning producer.

Given that his predecessors had made such a significant contribution to the world of entertainment, it is only natural that he would seek prominence in the field. Additionally, he has contributed to the entertainment sector. In various films, he has served as a producer, an actor, and an additional staff member. His works include, among others, ‘Shameless,’ ‘To The Altar,’ and ‘Dead on Thursday.’

However, Quinn Tivey’s admirers have shown considerable interest in learning about his private life. Additionally, they have constantly questioned his sexual orientation. Please bear with us as we discuss his sexuality and attempt to answer issues such as, is he gay?

Is Quinn Tivey a Lesbian or a Gay?

Is Quinn Tivey Gay?

Quinn Tivey has never truly discussed the private aspects of his life. Consequently, his romantic life remains unknown. Fans and the media have not been able to capture the celebrity’s romantic life. Additionally, he has not paired any female name with his own.

Due to this, many fans and members of the general public began to speculate if Quinn is gay. However, this is simply hearsay, as there is no confirmation of his homosexuality.

According to several web sources, Quinn is heterosexual, not gay. Even though he is now single, he is straight and focuses on advancing his career. He is currently an active member of the Elizabeth AIDS Foundation.

As his grandmother also supported and stood with the LGBT community, he must deal with supporting and standing with the gay community. He desires to bring as much awareness as possible to normalize circumstances for the community.

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Childhood and Education

Quinn Tivey was born in 1986 and is the first child of the artist Hap Todd and the animal lover, Liza Todd. During his teenage years, he worked at Hudson Valley Steak House as a busboy and server. According to him, he was investigating and personally perceiving the outside world.

He also attended the University of Southern California, where he got an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. Rhys Tivey is his younger sibling, born five years after Quinn Tivey. Both Quinn and Rhys are great artists now, with Rhys having earned a name for himself in New York as a jazz musician.

How Much is Quinn Tivey’s Net Worth?

According to reports, Quinn Tivey’s net worth as of the start of 2022 is $600,000. Since 2016, he has served as a co-trustee of his grandmother Elizabeth Taylor’s estate and foundation. He regularly engages in projects that promote and safeguard Taylor’s life and legacy.

The Elizabeth AIDS Foundation Ambassador

After the 2011 death of the renowned Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor, her four children, and ten grandchildren accepted responsibility for continuing her legacy. Her children and grandchildren share a similar attitude and propensity toward helping people.

Ambassador of Elizabeth AIDS Foundation

Quinn Tivey is an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. In 1991, the foundation was established. Helping HIV/AIDS patients was and remains the major purpose of the foundation. The foundation also seeks to educate the public about HIV-related prejudice. Quinn is a co-trustee of the Elizabeth Taylor Trust and Estate, also known as the House of Taylor.

What is the Status of Quinn Tivey’s Personal Life?

Tivey, age 34, does not appear to be in any type of relationship. This could be due to his choice for his career above dating. However, this is merely our opinion, as he could be single for personal reasons.


There is a widespread belief on the Internet that at the age of 34, a person has not committed to anyone. The suspicions of his admirers and well-wishers have led to the rumor that Quinn Tivey is gay. However, Quinn has not responded to or commented on this topic.

Social Media and Body Statistics

The handsome grandson of Elizabeth Taylor does not appear to be extremely active on social networking sites. He does not have an Instagram account, but he does have a Twitter one. Quinn Tivey has 244 followers and about 1,000 followers on his Twitter account @QuinnTivey.

Similar to his grandmother Elizabeth, Quinn Tivey has beautiful violet eyes. His gorgeous eyes and dashing manner attract a large number of young, attractive women. There is no information about his weight or height, however, he may be 5 feet 7 inches tall, based on speculation.

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