It’s Been Reported That President Joe Biden Authorised More Stimulus Payments!


The third stimulus check, dubbed an economic impact payment, was distributed in March 2021 as part of the American Rescue Plan. Compensation was available up to $1,400, with married couples filing jointly receiving up to $2,800. According to the IRS, as of late July 2021, it has processed over 171 million payments.

When stimulus cheques were initially distributed, taxpayers were warned about fraudsters. Numerous viewers have also written to VERIFY to inquire about the possibility of a fourth round of stimulus cash.

Is It True That President Joe Biden Has Approved Another Batch of Stimulus Cheques for Him?

On Facebook, a video purporting to show President Joe Biden distributing the latest round of stimulus checks has gone viral. Biden appears to suggest in the film that “some folks will begin seeing those direct transfers in their bank accounts this weekend,” and that “payments to qualifying Americans will continue over the next few weeks.”

According to a screenshot near the bottom of the video, Biden is supposedly signing an executive order. The video was posted to the “Care First Homes” Facebook page, which already has over 45,000 views despite only having 830 followers. Vice President Joe Biden’s clip is a forgery. According to WFAA, the federal government will not deliver a fourth stimulus wave of cash.

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President Joe Biden made an address to the United Nations climate change meeting, COP26, in November 2021, which was featured in the film. Additionally, the audio in the Facebook video is out of sync with Biden’s lips, hinting that it was either edited digitally to sound like him or that someone is attempting to impersonate him.

Although the Internal Revenue Service has said that all of President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan’s $1,400 stimulus checks have been sent to qualified Americans, this does not preclude the possibility of more government-issued stimulus checks being released.

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The hugely useful Recovery Rebate Credit is required to get these stimulus payments.

According to National Interest, taxpayers should also keep an eye out for IRS Letter 6475, which will inform them if they owe the government additional money and whether they may claim the Recovery Rebate Credit on their tax return.

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