How Much Money Does Julia Haart Have?


How Julia Haart lived out her dreams is the very definition of the term “American dream.” Leaving her devout Orthodox Jewish community at age 43, the star of Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life went on to found a shoe company and become the CEO of talent agency Elite World Group, allowing her to live the opulent lifestyle seen on the show.

When Haart was reborn in 2013, she was determined to succeed. She told People in 2021, “I was so motivated that I didn’t stop to consider if I would fail,” adding that she knew failure wasn’t an option.

Fans of My Unorthodox Life may be curious in the monetary value of Haart’s achievements in the lead-up to the Season 2 launch. The reality star and fashion mogul’s numerous paychecks are broken out here.

How Julia Haart Makes a Billion Dollars: Three Ways

Ownership Of Elite Administration

Haart and her now ex-husband Silvio Scaglia co-owned the big talent agency Elite Group, but she was sacked in 2022 when a judge decided that she had made false ownership claims.

julia haart Ownership Of Elite Management

Nonetheless, because of her efforts, the firm went from being worth $90 million to $1 billion in just two years. According to Trend Net Worth, as CEO, she earned about $2 million each year, and if her claim of co-ownership is believed, she stands to make an additional $500 million.

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The Shoe and Clothing Designer

Haart’s namesake shoe line, which is credited with catapulting her to fame, was sold for an undisclosed but certainly substantial sum. Haart’s launch and sale of this company paved the way for her to become a major player in the fashion and modeling industries.

Thereafter, she became the Creative Director of the Italian lingerie label La Perla, where she reportedly designed 4,000 items of underwear per season, as quoted in The Cut. She said in 2018 that for the previous season she had 250 items of ready-to-wear, 3,000–4,000 pieces of lingerie, and 200–300 pieces of beachwear. To conclude, “I’ll let you do the math.”


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Haart revealed in January 2022 that she was launching a “premium high-tech” shapewear line named “Body By Julia Haart.” “The +Body by Julia Haart line rejects the archaic, repressive concept of modesty,” Haart told Daily Mail at the launch. “It’s shapewear that’s designed to be seen, for bodies that are meant to be embraced.”

Her quest to free women, she said, “has been at the heart of every business move I’ve made and every product I’ve brought to market” since she left the ultra-Orthodox community. Shapewear dresses are $228 and one-piece leotards start at $198.

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Reality TV Star and Author

My Unorthodox Life, a Netflix reality show based on her life, premiered in 2021 and will return for a second season on December 2, 2022.

Though it is unknown how much money Haart and her family make from their reality show appearances, The Guardian has reported that lifestyle reality stars earn more than competition reality stars (for example, the leads on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette can make as much as $100,000, but the contestants on the show often don’t get paid at all; the Kardashians are believed to make $900,000 per episode).


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The Haart may not be as famous as the Kardashians, but they probably get paid well to have their lives shown on television.

In March of 2022, Haart’s book, Brazen, which drew heavily from her life, was published. The book was priced at $27, but the author has not disclosed how much money has been made from sales thus far.

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How Much Money Does Julia Haart Have?

$600 Million

Women’s Health Magazine claims that Haart has amassed a fortune of more than $500 million thanks to her efforts. The impact of her dismissal from Elite and the ensuing lawsuits on that figure remains to be seen, but with her newfound reality notoriety, Haart is sure to figure out a way to change gears if necessary.

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