Latest Updates | Guy From Ohio Was Sentenced to 14 Years in Jail for Stalking His Victim Using GPS Technology!


Ohio — A man sentenced to 14 years in prison on cyberstalking and drug charges for using a GPS device to monitor a victim’s car and emailing the victim Google Earth screenshots.

Michael Bertolino, Jr., 35, of Adena, Ohio, was sentenced Friday following a July 2021 plea of guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana, discharging a handgun during a drug trafficking felony, and cyberstalking.

According to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Ohio, Bertolino cyberstalked a victim during 2020 using social media platforms, text messages, and a GPS device. Prosecutors allege that Bertolino created social media profiles in order to make insulting statements and comments on the victim’s and victim’s friends’ and family members’ accounts.

Bertolino allegedly made a Facebook account and utilised sexual photographs of the victim as the profile photo. He also installed a GPS tracker on the victim’s vehicle and used his computer to watch the victim’s movements. He emailed the victim Google Earth screenshots demonstrating his constant surveillance of the victim.

Stalking His Victim Using GPS Technology

Prosecutors allege that Bertolino also sent the victim hundreds of text messages from what seemed to be 19 different phone numbers via a text messaging software. He threatened to murder the victim and people associated with the victim in the communications and offered to release incriminating photographs of the victim online.

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Prosecutors allege that Bertolino and others plotted and then carried out an armed robbery of a narcotics dealer in Cadiz, Ohio, in December 2020. They allegedly met the man online and then robbed him of a half-pound of marijuana and 50 THC cartridges.

Bertolino discharged a revolver into the ground near the individual’s head during the heist, authorities said.

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