When is the Minx Season 2 Going to Be Available to Watch Online?


Thank Starz for their good fortune, “Minx” lovers. A second season has been reinstated. In May 2022, HBO Max ordered a second season of the popular show but changed its mind in December 2022 due to cost-cutting (all this despite the fact that production for the new season was nearly complete). A month later, Starz announced it had acquired the show and will screen the second season.

Set in Los Angeles during the sexual revolution of the 1970s, “Minx” is a workplace comedy about a team striving to establish and market a women’s erotic magazine. Young feminist Joyce Prigger, portrayed by Ophelia Lovibond, is the creator of “Minx,” a magazine inspired by actual publications.

She must contend with a less-than-ideal ex-boyfriend (Michael Angarano’s Glenn) and a publisher (Jake Johnson’s Doug Renetti) who tries to steer her away from her initial ideas.

Joyce evaluates the relationships she is developing at “Minx,” her blind spots regarding her own narrow-mindedness and sexual hang-ups, and the numerous influential individuals attempting to shut down the magazine.

The second season of “Minx” is now in development, so here is everything we know about it.

How Did Season 1 of “Minx” End?

At the conclusion of the first season, the magazine faces demonstrations, lawsuits, and the possibility of a citywide pornography ban. Doug transfers the complete creative authority of the magazine to Joyce just as model Bambi announces her retirement, photographer Richie declines the art director promotion, and Doug’s business partner Tina is admitted to many institutions.

The Cast of “Minx” Season 2

Minx Season 2 Cast

Due to the uncertain fate of so many characters, it is impossible to predict which performers will return. Lovibond and Johnson have confirmed their return, and none of the recurring cast members from the first season have spoken otherwise. Elizabeth Perkins was cast as the recurrent character Connie prior to the start of production.

Minx Season 2 Release Date

When HBO Max announced the cancellation of “Minx” in December 2022, production had begun but was not yet complete. Due to further production, Starz has not yet stated when season two will premiere, however, it is likely that it will air in May 2023.


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