Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date: Is It Renewed? Official Announcement!


Due to Discovery Channel, we always discover the most incredible shows, and we cannot even begin to list all the incredible shows that we have seen because of Discovery Channel. This time, we’re here to discuss another incredible Discovery Channel program. Can you guess the show’s title? Obviously, you are already familiar with the name of the show, right?

Moonshiners is regarded as one of the most popular Discovery Channel programs. Amazingly, this show began in 2011 and is still airing. If a series has so many seasons and is still airing, it follows that viewers never tire of it, right? The same thing is occurring with Moonshiners supporters. This documentary drama made its debut on December 6, 2011. This documentary is created by Magilla Entertainment, and Jeremy Schwartz narrates it.

Moonshiners Season 13 Release Date

We are all aware that Moonshiners has been airing for a long time, and it currently has 12 seasons, therefore fans believe there will be additional seasons. We cannot blame the fans for having such high expectations for this series. Fans believe there will be the thirteenth season because the show has already shown twelve. Do you believe there will be a further season?

moonshiners season 13

The production staff has said nothing about the thirteenth season. We anticipate another season, although nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Fans are optimistic, and we also believe there will be a second season.

The primary issue is that the twelfth season is still underway with no official word on when it would conclude. We can only obtain information regarding the thirteenth season after the conclusion of the twelfth. So let us patiently await the official information.

Story of Moonshiners Season 13

The past seasons of this docudrama have followed the same format. We are confident that the thirteenth season will follow suit. However, we do not possess any confidential information at this time.

The Cast of Moonshiners Season 13

This show’s narrator is Jeremy Schwartz, thus if there is a thirteenth season, we may expect to see Jeremy again. We can rely on him to narrate the show because he has done so for a long time. We cannot precisely predict who will appear in the thirteenth season.

We will share any information we obtain with you. Red Dog, Craig Landry, Howard Thompson, Brian, Mike Mitchell, ‘Crazy’ Chuck, Cuz, Steve Tickle, Mark Rogers, Mike Cockrell, Jeff Waldroup, Bill Canny, Jim Tom Hendrick, and Lance Waldroup have appeared in prior seasons.

Moonshiners Season 13

Josh Owens, Mark Ramsey, Eric ‘Digger’ Manes, Tim Smith, Steve Tickle, Mark Rogers, J.T. Smith, Matthew Ostrom, Killer Beaz, Roy Grooms, Big Chuck, Wayne Nix, Kelly Williamson, Chico, Jerry Benson, and Henry Law were all members of the group.

Shot Mitchell, Amanda Bryant, Luther ‘Colt’ Strickland, Steve Beam, Troy Ball, Van, Darlene Moran, and Dallas Bryan.

There are numerous people present, including Chad Slagle, Pam Sutton, Red Fox, Jeff, Steve Brown, Donnie Benton, Lynn Waldroup, Keith Mort, Brandon, Daisy Tickle, Carol Ann Tickle, Fred Minnick, and Teresa Coomer Mays. Given that the show has 12 seasons, the cast list is rather extensive.

Moonshiners Season 12  Summary

The title provides sufficient information about the series. This series depicts moonshiners and moonshine liquor. Despite the fact that this is an illegal beverage, some Americans continue to produce it. Thus, the story is about the moonshiners who diligently produce moonshine.

Trailer for Season 13 of Moonshiners

Are you searching for the season 13 trailer for Moonshiners? You cannot find the official trailer at this time, regardless of how hard you look. The official trailer for season 13 is currently unavailable. You need not be depressed, however, as you can easily see trailers for earlier seasons on YouTube.

Where Can I Watch Season 13 of Moonshiners?

Since Moonshiners is an original Discovery Channel series, you may watch all 12 seasons on Discovery Channel.

Performance Reviews – Moonshiners

IMDb gives the program an average rating of 6.0 out of 10.

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