Must Know | Family Issues a Warning About Common Home Objects That Might Harm Dogs!


Suffocation happens often in pets. Pet parents who lose a pet in this manner are sometimes astonished to hear that the most common cause of suffocation is a snack/chip bag.

A Pittsburgh family now residing in Florida shares their story after their beloved family dog died as a result of asphyxia caused by a bag of chips.

Scout, the Best family’s new Labrador puppy, was tragically murdered by a common household object just months after he was brought into their home.

The Hazards of Pet Snack Bags

Scout was smothered on New Year’s Eve by a bag of potato chips after the rest of the family had fallen asleep. Brian Best awakened to see his dog dead in the kitchen, his head buried in a bag of chips.

According to Best, the bag created a “vacuum seal” around the dog’s neck that tightened with each inhalation.

Prevent Suffocation of Pets

Following the tragedy, the family sought remedies and came on the Prevent Pet Suffocation website, which was created by Bonnie Harlan, who lost her rescue dog, Blue, in a similar incident in 2011.

Bonnie Harlan now uses her website to educate pet parents and to share images of some of the 1,500 pets she has discovered perished in this manner over the previous decade.

Objects That Might Harm Dogs

Association of American Veterinary Medical Practitioners

The American Veterinary Medical Association discusses the danger of suffocation to animals from snack bags on its website, admitting that the risk is almost unknown.

What You Can Do To Avoid Suffocating Your Pet

The following tips are recommended by experts:

  • Before discarding bags, cut them along one side and the bottom.
  • Food should be stored in plastic containers with apertures no larger than the size of the pet’s head.
  • Snacks should be served in bowls rather than straight from the bag.
  • Distribute this information to other pet owners.

Harlan and the Best family, who recently got a new puppy, are both working toward the same goal of raising awareness about this issue.

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Harlan and Best provide the following suggestions:

  • Practicing CPR on a pet.
  • Filling containers with chips.
  • Before discarding packages, shred them into tiny bits.

Final Thoughts

These simple tips may have a huge influence on the life of a pet. With a little planning and moderation, you may still enjoy delightful food while safeguarding your canine companions from injury.

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