NBC Sports to keep most of its announcers home for Beijing Olympics


NBC Sports senior vice president of communications Greg Hughes told USA Today that owing to COVID issues, the Olympic announce teams will be announcing events from Stamford (Conn.).

“We’ll have a strong presence on the ground in Beijing, and our coverage of everything will be first-rate as usual,” he continued. “However, our plans are altering by the day, as they are for most media businesses covering the Olympics.”

NBC’s figure skating, Alpine skiing, and snowboarding broadcasting teams were originally scheduled to attend the games. The rest had already been assigned to Connecticut.

The majority of NBC’s team stayed at home during the Tokyo Summer Olympics, while several sports, such as gymnastics and swimming, had teams on the ground in Japan.


Mike Tirico, the network’s Olympic host, will be in China for the opening ceremony on February 4 and the first few days of the Games. However, he was relocated to Los Angeles to host the Super Bowl on February 13, another NBC property this year.

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