Police Say a Man Died While Trying to Parachute From a San Diego Skyscraper While His 16-year-old Daughter Stood by and Watched!


According to authorities, a man was murdered after attempting to parachute from the top of a high-rise apartment building in San Diego as his 16-year-old daughter stood by and watched, according to police. According to authorities, the guy died after BASE jumping in the University City district at 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, according to witnesses.

According to authorities, the 48-year-old guy was attempting to parachute from the 23-story Palisade UTC luxury apartment building, which is located near the UTC mall. A database of skyscrapers and high-rise structures indicates that Palisade UTC is 277 feet tall, according to the database.

According to Capt. Scott Wahl, “we’re not sure if the parachute malfunctioned or whether it just didn’t have enough time to open up correctly and deploy.”

“We think that his daughter was up on the roof with him at the time of the incident and was able to see it,” Wahl added.

In accordance with police radio traffic, a 911 caller heard a “loud pop,” which sounded similar to a gunshot, and then glanced over a balcony to see the guy bleeding on the ground, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune on Tuesday.

Officers and paramedics attempted CPR on the guy, but he died before he could be transported to a hospital, according to authorities. It was not immediately clear who he was.

Man Died While Trying to Parachute

BASE jumping is the act of leaping from a fixed object while wearing a parachute. The BASE is an abbreviation that stands for the types of objects from which people jump: buildings, antennas, spans, and the ground, such as cliffs and mountains.

It is against the law, and anyone who participates may be charged with offenses such as trespassing.

According to Wahl, who spoke to KFMB-TV, police had witnessed such antics in the past.

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“The purpose of putting the ordinance in place is to discourage individuals from engaging in certain activities. There are repercussions for making a successful leap, and the consequences for making an unsuccessful jump include life or death in some cases.

Occasionally, you’ll find them on the cliffs, on other buildings, or on bridges across San Diego “It was Wahl,” he replied. “When a successful leap is made, the police department is not always notified of the event. We’re only called in when things don’t go as well as anticipated.”

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