What is The Release Date of Quanzhi Fashi Season 6?


Quanzhi Fashi is an animated television series with a total of five seasons and sixty episodes. This series has its origins in China, and its native language is Mandarin. In order for non-Mandarin-speaking fans to understand and appreciate the series, it has been dubbed into English.

The premiere of Quanzhi Fashi occurred on April 4, 2016. Each episode has a duration of 18 minutes. This series’ English title is “Full-time Magister,” and its producer is tension pictures. This school-centered action and fantasy series was inspired by the novel “Versatile Mage.”

Quanzhi Fashi conveys the idea of self-sacrifice, social hierarchy, and families willing to face any trials for the sake of their offspring.

Release Date of Quanzhi Fashi Season 6

As season 5 ended on a cliffhanger, fans are eagerly anticipating the new season, but there has been no word from the studio on a new season. Some people believe that the series has been terminated, however, it is likely that the firm is simply delaying the release of new episodes.

There are no recent updates on the release date of season 6. According to insiders, however, the creators will continue Quanzhi Fashi with season 6, which will be a continuation of season 5. The sixth season of Quanzhi Fashi can be expected to premiere in September 2023, pending any official announcements.

The Plotline of Quanzhi Fashi Season 6

It is the tale of a young man named Mo Fan who is depicted on his journey to becoming one of the world’s greatest and most renowned magicians. He is frequently observed engaging in a dangerous battle against superior and stronger opponents.

Quanzhi Fashi Season 6

However, he overcomes his hurdles the majority of the time as a direct result of the encounters that allow him to go beyond his capabilities, break all dinar barriers, and unleash all the higher levels of magic.

Season 1 The Beginning

Mo finds himself in a parallel realm that is unique from his own. It is a realm where the essence of science has been supplanted by magic. Despite his difficulties, Mo hopes to gain entrance to a magic school and become a magician.

Mo was accepted into a prestigious magic institution. Now, this season focuses on the perilous encounters that will occur.

Season 2 Overview

The plot of this season is around Mo recalling his lightning element after defeating Yu Ang. Mo was permitted seven days of underground instruction at the holy spring. However, a state of emergency is declared due to the appearance of terrible monsters encircling Bo City.

In addition, an evil black order threatens to stop in advance. This season demonstrates how Mo prevents the holy spring from falling into the wrong hands.

Season 3 Plot

Following the turmoil caused by the Black Order, Bo city must depart the area. Mo travels with his family to Mingzhu City, the capital of magic, where he prepares to enroll in college.

Along the process, he discovers numerous factors that sparked the beginning of discoveries within his boundless capacity.

Season 4 Summary

This season reveals the reappearance of the black orders, who intend to move against Mo during the entrance exam to the main school. Mo employs the Three-Step Pagoda as a countermeasure. Later in the narrative, he is chosen to be an exchange student at a different university.

This exchange program comprises a team battle and a practical test, with the latter taking place in a city infested with monsters. The deserters from the defensive force place Mo in a difficult situation during all of these events. This adds another barrier to Mo’s path to becoming the most powerful magician.

Season 5 Concludes

In the final episode of this season, viewers witnessed Mo Fan recalling the time he transformed into a demon to battle the enormous swamp centipede.

This season, Mo must demonstrate his ability by competing against other students.

After the conclusion of the season, it provided a preview of how the following season could begin. If the series follows the plot, there will be new characters in the upcoming season, including a wealthy and reserved female character.

Her first appearance may be seen in season 5. Episode 12 in which Mo wants to make her his friend due to his amazement at her calm and unique attitude.


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