“Right-wing Ideologues,” Says Msnbc’s Joy Reid in a Diatribe Against the Supreme Court for Overturning the Biden Vaccine Requirement.


After the Supreme Court blocked President Biden’s coronavirus vaccine mandate, MSNBC personality Joy Reid lashed out at what she called “right-wing ideologues” on the court, claiming that they held six of the nine seats, reports the New York Times.

According to Reid, she no longer believes in the court, calling it a “Christian nationalist version” of what it used to be, and suggesting that the justices each have their own “right-wing talk radio stations.” The Biden administration’s requirement that major corporations vaccinate or test their employees was overturned by the court, but the court upheld the requirement for federally financed facilities to vaccinate their employees.

Biden’s Covid Vax Mandate Defeat in the Supreme Court Sparks Outrage From Liberals.

Biden's Covid Vax Mandate Defeat in the Supreme Court Sparks Outrage From Liberals.

“In my opinion, this Supreme Court has lost my trust. They strike me as extremists. They sound like right-wing extremists to me. I think they’re doing a Christian nationalist version of what the Supreme Court used to do, if that makes any sense “Referring to the court’s Thursday decision to stop the mandate, Reid remarked during a debate on Monday.

She showed a video of Vice President Biden praising the mandate in the workplace, pointing out that United Airlines, which mandated vaccinations for all of its employees, had recorded fewer hospitalizations and deaths.

“In other words, according to government estimates, the compulsion would result in the vaccination of 22 million individuals and the avertance of 250,000 hospitalizations. The six right-wingers voted as expected, while the six moderates voted as expected “In response to the video, Reid stated.

“Aren’t they, at this point, demonstrating via their actions that they’re more interested in advancing right-wing politics than they are in saving lives? They don’t seem to care if this results in fewer deaths, so why bother? “She went on to say that.

Pandemic of the Autocrat Has Come to an End, Thanks to the Supreme Court.

Pandemic of the Autocrat Has Come to an End, Thanks to the Supreme Court.

“A pretty dark day” for the Supreme Court is what MSNBC commentator and former interim Solicitor General Neal Katyal called it. On the issue of the mandates themselves, he said that the justices “were living in a bubble of their own.”

“It’s impossible to imagine them as anything other than right-wing ideologues at this point, Neal. All they need to do is host right-wing talk shows on the radio “Reid stated. “They do not belong in the hallowed halls of the U.S. Supreme Court as justices of the court. To me, they’re nothing more than politicians. I find nothing admirable in what they’re doing. In this country, things are getting worse and worse.”

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Other liberals besides Reid were outraged by the decision to stop the mandate, which still allowed for a requirement for healthcare workers, and they reacted strongly by denouncing Republicans and calling on Democrats to load the Supreme Court with their supporters.

“The Court is willing to let people die in the name of indefensible formalism. In light of this outrage, the president should hold the Supreme Court accountable “one person sent out a tweet.

In other words, millions of Americans who were on the verge of losing their jobs because they refused to get vaccinated were relieved by the verdict.

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