When Will Netflix Release the Romantic Killer Season 2?


The binge-watchable web series Romantic Killer, which is a tongue-in-cheek parody of the dating simulation genre, was an incredible amount of fun, but it finished much too quickly!

There is reason to believe that we will be getting a second season at some point in the not-too-distant future; but, given that the original source material has been completely adapted, the anime will have to continue the plot on its own. The following is everything that we currently know about the upcoming second season of Romantic Killer on Netflix.

Adapted from the manga of the same name written by Wataru Momose, Romantic Killer is a romantic comedy anime series that was produced in Japan and is an original production of Netflix. Kazuya Ichikawa is the director of the film adaptation of the manga that won multiple awards.

Anzu Hoshino is completely consumed by her desire to play video games, as seen by the fact that she gives her complete attention to them. Hoshino’s life is turned upside down when a wizard from another magical world shows up and coerces her into taking part in a plan to reverse the population decline in his realm.

Hoshino is currently participating in her very own dating simulation, and all she wants to do is go back home to her video games, her kitties, and her chocolate.

What is the Current Status of the Romantic Killer Renewal on Netflix?

Official Update on the Renewal Status of Netflix: Pending

There have not been any new developments about the future of Romantic Killer on Netflix as of the time this article was written. Given that the anime series has been accessible to view on Netflix for a little over a week now, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Romantic Killer Season 2

Anime titles have been on Netflix for the longest without any word on their renewal, so fans will need to be patient in order to discover more about the possible future of Romantic Killer on the streaming service.

Within the coming several weeks, we will also have the top-ten data as well as the watching figures broken down by the hour. This indicates that we can anticipate the renewal of the series if it has fared well in markets all over the world.

Is the Second Season of Romantic Killer Totally Vital?

Since there is now just an English translation of the manga’s first volume available, in order to read ahead we were required to look at the raw Japanese scans of the manga in order to determine how much of the original source material had been incorporated into the story. The anime version that is available on Netflix has, according to our best knowledge, covered all 38 chapters of the manga.

Despite this, there is still a possibility that Romantic Killer will receive additional episodes on Netflix.

The conclusion of the anime is the same cliffhanger as the manga: it is revealed that Anzu’s three favorite things—video games, chocolate, and her cat—have been returned to her, but only temporarily. If Anzu is not married by the time she graduates from high school, she would lose all three of them for good.

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In the anime, the wizard Kate is given Yukana as her new assignment, whereas in the manga, Riri flies into the sky to tell the audience that things are progressing in Anzu’s love life, leaving the audience with a “to be continued” message. This is the most significant difference between anime and manga.

Even though it would appear that the manga has reached its conclusion, it does not appear that the anime will be ending at any time in the near future.

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