What Can You Expect From the Siesta Key: Miami Moves Season 5 Episode 5?


We, Gotta, Put on a Good Show, episode 5 of Siesta Key: Miami Moves season 5 will premiere on MTV on Thursday, December 1 at 8 p.m. ET. The episode will be available on MTV’s website and Fubo TV one day after its initial broadcast. Due to Thanksgiving, the fifth episode of the popular reality show was delayed by a week.

In the following episode, Juliette will confront her boyfriend Clark regarding Meghan’s accusations of flirting. Since Clark has refused to face the cameras, it is unlikely that the exchange will be shown on the episode. Juliette will seek to make an impression on the Miami swimsuit week with her own swimwear business, JMP.


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The episode summary for Siesta Key: Miami Moves, season 5, episode 5 is as follows:

“As Juliette prepares for “Miami Swim Week,” she is under pressure to ensure the success of JMP the Label; Jordana is criticised by her friends, who are concerned that Sam’s lifestyle is corrupting her. Kelsey travels to Miami where she begins to mend her friendship.” What transpired on Siesta Key: Miami Moves episode 4 of season 5?

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The episode 4 official description reads:

“Juliette investigates Meghan’s assertion that Clark flirts with her. Sam and Jordana must face the consequences of their illicit kiss. The relationship between Lexie and Mike disintegrates as rumours of inappropriate behaviour spread.”

The previous week on Siesta Key: Miami Moves, Jordana informed Mike about a story circulating on Reddit that Lexie was cheating on him and had been spotted in a neighboring bar with another man. This pained Mike because his relationship with Lexie was already deteriorating.

He disclosed that he would no longer feel guilty about having an affair with Lexie. Amanda admitted that she and Mike engaged in flirtation at a party.

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Juliette went out with her pals and informed them that she would be occupied with her fashion show for the next two weeks. She was also intrigued as to whether Meghan’s claims about Clark flirting with her were accurate. Sophie, a friend of Juliette’s who was also at the party, said that Clark was attempting to intoxicate Meghan and had his hand on her shoulders.

Juliette believed it was not flirtatious, but Sophie stressed that the circumstance could not be misconstrued. Sophie stated that Clark was absolutely engaged in suspicious activity.

What Can You Expect From the 5th Episode of Siesta Key: Miami Moves Season 5?

In this week’s episode of Siesta Key: Miami Moves, Jordana’s friends will pay her a visit in Miami. Jordana, who resides in Miami with Sam, is launching a business with him. Jordana’s friends will question her about her “partying” lifestyle during their visit, but Sam continues to pay for her bills, including her BBL operation.

Kelsey Owens will also attempt to reunite with the cast following her earlier conflicts. Kelsey will not appear in many episodes this season, as fans of the show are already aware. She had previously informed viewers via Instagram that she had been “fired” from the show after filming her final role in a strip club during season 5.

Some of the older cast members in Siesta Key: Miami Moves relocate to Miami to form new connections and advance their careers. The series will also feature new characters. New episodes of the show premiere each Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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