What Exactly is SmiHub Instagram? What Are the Most Popular SmiHub Alternatives?


The SmiHub Instagram viewer is an excellent solution for browser-based downloads. You can use it at any time of day or night to browse and download your friends and the public’s images and videos in real time. This fantastic extension requires no installation. Simply navigate their website to see every single post at once!

This SmiHub review will examine the platform’s offerings, including its primary features and customer feedback.

What Exactly is SmiHub Instagram?

SmiHub is an Instagram story and photo viewer. By entering your username on smihub, you can view Instagram stories anonymously. It’s also an anonymous Instagram photo downloader.

Smihub is a website that allows you to download Instagram photos and extract Instagram user profile images, as well as download photos from any user. All in one location!

The Difference Between SmiHub And Dumpor

smihub and dumpor

Let’s start with a definition of SmiHub.

SmiHub is an Instagram reader and anonymous downloading of Instagram photos. By entering your username on smihub, you can view Instagram stories anonymously. However, SmiHub is not limited to photo downloads alone. Other capabilities include the ability to check the profile of a private account, download IGTV movies, and view hashtags.

There is no distinction, as SmiHub.com is now redirected to Dumpor.com.

Dumpor is merely an updated version of SmiHub; it is also an Instagram photo downloader that is anonymous. On this website, you can access every SmiHub feature.

What Are SmiHub’s Key Features?

Among the most important characteristics of SmiHub are:

  • Instagram profile viewer anonymity
  • Secretly observe Instagram stories
  • Download images and videos from Instagram
  • Download images and videos from Instagram
  • Watch Instagram live videos
  • Explore Instagram images and videos.
  • Support for a number of languages
  • Simple to operate and navigate

How Do I Access The SmiHub Site?

How to Visit the SmiHub Site

To access the SmiHub website, a web browser is required. There is no mobile application available for the website at this time.

Once a web browser has been opened, the following URL must be typed into the address bar: www.smihub.com

Or you may visit SmiHub’s new domain directly at this time. Dumpor.com


Once you have gained access to the website, you will be able to view all of SmiHub’s features.

How Do I Download Instagram Images, Videos, And Stories From SmiHub?

  • Follow these procedures to download Instagram videos or stories from SmiHub:
  • In the search bar on the SmiHub website, enter your Instagram account.
  • Then, SmiHub will compile a list of all public videos and stories linked with the specified username.
  • Simply click the “Download” button next to the video to download it.
  • Simply click the “Download” button next to the tale to download it.
  • That is all! The films and tales downloaded to your PC will be preserved.

What Do Customers Think of SmiHub?

It is difficult to locate user evaluations that are particular to SmiHub. However, there are a few critiques of Instagram viewers and downloaders in general. It appears from these reviews that people are satisfied with the service overall, however many have complained about advertisements, pop-ups, and malware.

One user stated, “I’ve been using this for some time, and it’s been wonderful. I have not a single complaint.”

Another user commented, “The advertisements are quite obnoxious, but the site is otherwise fantastic.”

A third customer reported, “I contracted a virus from this website. “Do not approach it.”

Overall, consumers appear satisfied with SmiHub, although their opinions of the advertisements and pop-ups are varied.

Is SmiHub Paid Or Free?

The brevity of the response is that SmiHub is free to use. With a free website, you may access all Instagram post-downloading options. This includes the ability to view and download public Instagram profiles, images, and videos.

SmiHub is an excellent alternative for individuals who wish to see and download Instagram photographs and videos discreetly.

SmiHub Alternatives – What Are the Most Popular SmiHub Alternatives?

There are several popular substitutes for SmiHub that you may choose to examine.



Gramhir is a service comparable to SmiHub, with a few important distinctions. First, Gramhir includes a popular category option that allows users to search for popular profiles and hashtags. Gramhir has a search function based on Today, Yesterday, and This Week. Gramhir only permits the downloading of public Instagram stories, not private ones.



Picuki is another competitor to SmiHub. Picuki.com allows you to view and download Instagram photographs discreetly. However, one significant distinction between SmiHub and picuki.com is that picuki.com offers location-based searches.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram

4K Stogram is a desktop application that enables you to download public and private Instagram stories, in addition to photographs and videos from any Instagram user. However, it has a search option and can download both public and private Instagram stories.



The third option is InstaDownloader. InstaDownloader is an online application that allows you to download photographs and videos from public and private Instagram accounts. It may be used to download Instagram stories, both public and private.


Lastly, you may choose to download the Instagram app.

There is an option within the Instagram app that prevents you from downloading photographs and videos from public and private accounts. However, the Instagram app SmiHub can download anything.

However, it is a non-official Instagram app developed by a third party, and it is widely regarded as more dependable than other third-party apps.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking an anonymous Instagram photo downloader, SmiHub is the superior option because it has more features and is free to use.


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