The House Has Voted to Increase Coronavirus Stimulus Payments to $2,000 Per Person | Must Read!

Despite Trump's support, the bill faces a long fight in the Republican-controlled Senate.

If the Senate approves the $2,000 stimulus payments, Americans who have already gotten the initial $600 will receive a $1,400 supplement to raise their total to $2,000.

The Democratic-controlled House barely passed a bill Monday evening increasing direct coronavirus relief payments to select victims to $2,000, but the proposal faces an uphill struggle in the Republican-controlled Senate, despite Trump’s support.

The plan would double the $600 in direct payments currently available to anyone earning less than $75,000 per year. Due to the rushed nature of the bill’s introduction, it required a two-thirds majority to pass. It passed with a vote of 275 to 134, barely two votes more than the required 273 votes.

Trump insisted on boosting the payouts after his administration reached an agreement to include the $600 checks in a coronavirus relief and government budget bill that cleared both chambers of Congress last week and was negotiated by his administration.

“I simply want to get our wonderful people $2,000, not the meagre $600 that is currently included in the bill,” Trump tweeted from his Florida club over the weekend.

Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., House Speaker, hailed the decision Monday, saying: “The House and the president agree that we must send $2,000 checks to suffering American families this holiday season. The House of Representatives recently passed the #CASHAct; now it’s time for the Senate to follow suit.”

Trump highlighted Sunday’s planned House vote in announcing that he had finally signed the $2.3 trillion Covid-19 disaster relief and government financing bill.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, announced Tuesday that he would attempt to approve the bill by unanimous consent – a method that allows it to advance only if there are no objections.

“Every Senate Democrat supports it, but we lack Republican support,” Schumer told reporters ahead of Monday’s vote, before pleading with Trump to alter the dynamic.

Stimulus Payments
Stimulus Payments

“Senate Republicans have been on your side through thick and thin. Encourage them to act immediately and to support the $2,000 checks “According to Schumer.

Despite Trump’s delay, the $600 payments are still likely to be made by the end of this week, a senior Treasury Department official said. Due to the federal and bank holiday on Friday, checks may not clear until the following Monday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., commended Trump for signing the bill Sunday night but made no reference in his comments to a likely vote on the additional aid.

Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri, head of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, told reporters last week that even if the measure were brought to the Senate floor for a vote, it would fail to garner the required 60 votes to succeed.

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Later Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., threatened to postpone a separate vote this week to override Trump’s veto of the annual defence authorization bill if McConnell does not act on the new relief package.

“Let me be clear: If Senator McConnell does not agree to a vote on whether to provide the working people of our country with a $2,000 direct payment, Congress will not adjourn on New Year’s Eve,” Sanders said in a statement. “Let us go about our business.”

At least one Republican senator, Florida’s Marco Rubio, has suggested that he would approve the increased payouts.

“While I share many of my colleagues’ concerns about the long-term consequences of increased spending, we cannot overlook the fact that millions of working-class families across the country are in desperate need of assistance,” Rubio said in a statement Monday.

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