The Results of the Fourth Stimulus Check Have Now Been Released. Who Can Receive Payments Under the New Program?


Federal stimulus checks will very definitely be completed in the near future, especially given the administration’s apparent eagerness to get past the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, a fortunate handful in some areas may still be able to receive some more cash this year, courtesy of local stimulus funds.

While California is considering issuing another round of Golden State Stimulus checks as part of its yearly budget, other states, most notably Massachusetts, are just getting ready to provide another round of payouts to eligible citizens.

According to local station WWLP 22, the state will pay $500 in March to eligible low-income workers. Eligibility is determined by 2020 state tax filings, and single filers must earn between $12,750 and $38,280. A family will get a $500 payout if their total income does not exceed $78,600.

Governor Charlie Baker signed a $4 billion COVID-19 relief plan, which includes money, into law in December. Those laid off in 2020 are not eligible for the initial round of compensation, but the state is expected to announce a second batch at a later date. It is unknown if laid-off workers will be eligible for the second round.

Stimulus Check

While further government stimulus funds does not look imminent, there are still ways to obtain payment of earlier payments, particularly as tax season approaches. According to the Internal Revenue Service, relatives of persons who died in 2021 and received the full $1,400 stimulus check can claim the money this year.

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Furthermore, parents who received the first half of the Expanded Kid Tax Credits may expect the second half to be included in their income tax returns this year, ranging from $1,500 to $1,800 per child, depending on age.

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