Update on the Stimulus Plan: $1,000 Christmas Bonuses Will Be Given Out Directly This Friday.


The weekend has arrived, and to celebrate the arrival of the weekend, employees of a school district in Maryland will each receive a bonus payment of $1,000 to start the weekend off well.

The Anne Arundel County Public Schools board of education has given its full support to the distribution of this bonus to the staff members who work for the school system.

The money will be distributed to all permanent employees, with the exception of those who are on leaves of absence, by the 16th of December, according to the school system. The distribution will be prorated based on an employee’s full-time equivalence.

In a message to the faculty and staff, the Superintendent of Schools, Mark Bedell, stated that “No school system can be great without outstanding people.” “I want to reiterate how impressed I am with the work you are accomplishing in spite of the many obstacles that stand in your way.

christmas bonus 2022

No matter what position you play in our educational system, the students in our schools are better off because of the devotion and enthusiasm that you bring to your work. I beg you to always keep that in mind.”

The money for the incentives will come from funds that were set aside by the school district to fill vacancies that occurred throughout the system. As a result, the school district will not have to make a request for additional financing to meet the costs of these bonuses.

Bedell has stated that he will not personally collect the bonus.

Employees were also advised that there will be no deductions made from their salary for their healthcare premiums on the holiday that falls on December 28. This holiday was announced to employees. This is happening as a direct result of the state of the healthcare fund balance in the system.

“I am completely aware that the bonus is only a token of appreciation on a limited scale. Nevertheless, it is of the utmost importance to both me and the Board of Education that we continue to look for new ways to merely express gratitude and say “thank you.” “the director of education explained.


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