What Happened To Azula When The Final Airbender Episode Ended?


After the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Azula was in pretty bad shape. Even after her father, Ozai gave her the title of Fire Lord, her paranoia and narcissism led to a full-blown mental breakdown.

When Zuko and Katara arrived to challenge Azula’s claim to the throne of the Fire Nation, they found the normally level-headed and calculating fire bender enraged. Zuko utilized his sister’s instability to his advantage during their Agni Kai, and with Katara’s assistance, he was able to confine her and assume the position of Fire Lord. However, this was not the end for Azula.

Since childhood, Azula was persuaded of her prowess as a prodigy fire bender. Her father, Ozai, favored her over Zuko, and her grandpa, Fire Lord Azulon, lauded her. She was frequently accompanied by her faithful friends Ty Lee and Mai.

Except for her relationship with her mother, her life was nearly flawless. Azula assumed Ursa loved Zuko more. Her mother frequently reprimanded Azula for her rude conduct and cruel remarks, giving Azula the idea that Ursa considered her daughter a monster.

Azula buried her bitterness deeply after Ursa vanished, but it finally surfaced during the events of the sequel comic narrative The Search.

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In sympathy for her delicate mental health, Zuko commits Azula to a psychiatric facility for one year. In his search for the truth about what happened to Ursa, Zuko asks for Azula’s assistance.

He brings her to their father’s prison in the hopes that he will discuss Ursa’s destiny with Azula. Instead, Azula uses this chance to flee. Azula travels to Ozai’s secret chambers and burns Ursa’s old letters after reading them in Ozai’s secret rooms.

She convinces Zuko that she is his only true opportunity to locate their mother. Azula temporarily joins Team Avatar after he promises to take her with him on his quest.

What Zuko is unaware of is that Azula continues to experience hallucinations of Ursa. Azula is determined to find and murder her mother since she believes she is the cause of all her difficulties, including the betrayal of Ty Lee and Mai. Finally, the crew discovers that Ursa requested Koh’s mother, the Mother of Faces, to alter her appearance in order to begin a new life.

She remarried Noriko and had a daughter. This discovery pushes Azula to her breaking point, and she confronts her mother directly. She accuses Ursa of substituting a new daughter for her and attempts to murder her.

what happened to azula

Ursa, recognizing she was somewhat responsible for the past, apologizes to Azula for not loving her enough. Azula is temporarily diverted by her emotions, allowing Zuko to intervene.

The siblings engage in conflict, with Azula insulting Zuko and implying he may have murdered her on the way. Zuko reacts by telling her that she would always be his sister, regardless of how difficult their relationship becomes. Despite Zuko’s pleas for her to stay and let him assist her, Azula ceases fighting and flees at this point.

Later, Azula reappears in the Smoke and Shadow comic series, leading a troop of fire benders she befriended and rescued from the mental facility in The Search. Now that she is more emotionally stable, she implements a plan to evaluate and shape Zuko’s leadership skills as Fire Lord.

Azula manipulates Mai’s father to do her bidding and influence public sentiment against Zuko, knowing that he is still loyal to Ozai and desires Zuko’s removal. But her objective is not to bring Ozai back.

She explains to Zuko that she has finally accepted her fate, recognizing him as the genuine Fire Lord and accepting her duty as his hidden counsel. Although still extremely dangerous and deceitful, Azula believes she is doing Zuko a service by secretly challenging him to help him acquire confidence in his position as Fire Lord.

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