‘When the Rule of Law Breaks Down:’ Gingrich Suggested Jailing Panellists From the Jan. 6 Hearing, but Liz Cheney Retor!

  • In an interview, Newt Gingrich warned that members of the Jan. 6 committee could face jail time.
  • Liz Cheney, a Republican on the committee, retaliated in a tweet.
  • In an effort to weaken the panel, Trump friends are attempting to depict it as a partisan witch-hunt.

After Newt Gingrich warned that she and other members of the House commission investigating the Jan. 6 disturbance may be arrested and imprisoned, Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney struck back.

During an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Gingrich, a Trump supporter who served as House speaker during the Clinton administration, claimed that members of the commission might face criminal consequences if Republicans regain control of Congress.

'when the Rule of Law Breaks Down:' Gingrich Suggested Jailing Panellists From the Jan. 6 Hearing, but Liz Cheney Retor!

Gingrich told anchor Maria Bartiromo, “I think this is all going to come crashing down when you have a Republican Congress.”

In other words, “the wolves are going to learn that they are now sheep and that they are in reality, I think, the ones who are facing a real chance of incarceration for the kinds of crimes they are breaching.”

In his remarks, Gingrich appeared to indicate that the probes into those responsible for the disturbance were unlawful in nature.

Retweeting the accusation, Cheney responded in kind.

“For members of Congress who are looking into the January 6 attack on our Capitol and our Constitution, a former House Speaker is threatening to put them in prison. What happens when the rule of law is undermined? “It said so, as well.

Newsweek published an opinion piece by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich accusing the Democratic-dominated panel of attempting to persecute the average American conservative.


Those involved in the commission “owe it to our Constitution and the American people to beat the wolves and return them to their sheep status,” he said, listing a number of measures he said Republicans should take to investigate and punish those involved in the commission.

Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters are ramping up their efforts to downplay the severity of the disturbance. This conspiracy theory has been promoted by Trump allies who believe the FBI is trying to snare Trump supporters by inciting violence.

Adam Kinzinger and Dick Cheney have been outcast from the Republican Party and accused of betrayal by President Trump and others.

The tweet from Kinzinger was a satirical response to Gingrich’s allegation.

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