Where Are Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta at the Present Time?


Now streaming on Netflix is Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami. In the six-part documentary, director Billy Corben goes to the world of drugs and crime in Florida in the 1970s and 1980s to tell the incredible true story of Augusto ‘Willy’ Falcon and Salvador ‘Sal’ Magluta.

Corben, who is no new to the Willy and Sal universe, told Newsweek, “This may be the fourth title in the franchise, but it’s the first tale we wanted to tell.” Corben published Cocaine Cowboys in 2006, which covers the roots of the Miami Drug War and the rise of crack cocaine, followed by two sequels, Cocaine Cowboys 2 and Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded in 2014, but the narrative of Willy and Sal has not been recounted until now.

The documentary includes interviews with drug traffickers and smugglers who operated alongside Willy and Sal, their loved ones, members of their legal defense team, and law enforcement officers who worked relentlessly to apprehend them.

Willy and Sal, known as “Los Muchachos” and both born in Cuba and raised in Miami, went on to become two of the most notorious drug traffickers in U.S. history.

They ultimately lost control of their reign and were apprehended by U.S. authorities in 1991, stood trial in 1996, and again in 2002. Today, where are Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta? Newsweek contains all the essential information.

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Where Are Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta at the Present Time?

In a remarkable tale of rags to riches, Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta rose from small-time drug dealers to the pinnacle of Miami’s drug trade in the 1970s and 1980s.

During nearly two decades, they trafficked thousands of tonnes of cocaine into the United States, creating a $2 billion business.

According to the Netflix documentary, they lived in plain sight and were revered as heroes in Miami.

“I believe the moniker Los Muchachos, which means the boys, best reflects their reputation in this neighborhood. They were famous, but they were approachable. They resembled Robin Hood. That was how the community interpreted it,” Corben stated to Newsweek.

“It was known at the time they were functioning that they were nonviolent. Of course, the government alleges that this changed when they were indicted and their backs were against the wall, and they began to allegedly dispatch some of their co-conspirators and potential cooperating witnesses, but they were beloved, and I believe someone else says it best in the documentary, “In Miami, there were only one or two degrees from Willy and Sal.”

willy falcon and sal magluta

As their dominion expanded in the 1980s, so did President Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs. Willy and Sal eventually confronted the U.S. judicial system in 1991 for cocaine trafficking charges, including conducting a continuing criminal business, despite eluding arrest, bribing trials, and dodging jail sentences on multiple occasions.

Despite an abundance of incriminating evidence, they were acquitted during their 1996 trial. Prosecutors learned in 1999, after an examination into their finances, that the jury foreman and several witnesses and jurors in the 1991 trial had accepted bribes to acquit Willy and Sal.

Retried in 2002 on hundreds of allegations, including corruption, conspiracy to obstruct justice by buying juries, paying witnesses to lie and murdering three witnesses, and laundering drug earnings.

Willy accepted a plea bargain and was sentenced to only twenty years in prison, but Sal received a life sentence.

Gustavo Falcon, the brother of Willy, was also sentenced to prison, but he evaded capture for 26 years.

Willy Falco

willy falcon

In 2017, Willy Falcon was freed from federal prison and immediately faced deportation.

On November 6, 2018, he was ultimately deported to the Dominican Republic (DR) instead of his native Cuba.

Willy’s whereabouts are unknown, according to Corben, since he was discharged over four years ago.

“Willy is out and about,” he said. I believe I know where he is, but I can’t confirm it, so I won’t disclose it. He was released from immigration detention several years ago because he never became a U.S. citizen and was subsequently deported.

Corben also divulged the claimed reason why Willy was deported to the Dominican Republic rather than Cuba.

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He said, “His attorney ordered that because a portion of the money that Willy and Sal had made in the drug trade had been donated to various charities, churches, and organizations, some of which were anti-Castro organizations and paramilitary organizations that had attempted to enter the island and overthrow or assassinate Fidel Castro over the years.

“Because of their participation with these organizations, his counsel claimed that he should not be deported to Cuba for his own safety, so he was instead deported to the Dominican Republic, where, when it became known that he was there, the Dominican people were outraged. He was also asked to leave.”

Sal Magluta

sal magluta

Sal Magluta is currently serving his life sentence at ADX Florence, a Colorado supermax prison.

Magluta was first given a 205-year prison sentence, which was later reduced to 195 years. He will likely spend the remainder of his life in prison.

Corben was also able to provide a brief update on Sal’s location.

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He stated, “Sal is in a supermax jail in Florence, Colorado. It is the most guarded prison in the United States with some of the worst conditions in the U.S., containing some of the deadliest terrorists and violent offenders in this country, where he will spend the next 180 or so years and where he will likely die.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a former top FBI agent turned Soviet Union spy and later spy, Robert Hanssen, and Joaqun “El Chapo” Guzmán, a Mexican drug lord, are among the most notorious offenders incarcerated alongside Sal.

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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