‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Who Is Dr. Meredith Grey & Who is He Dating in Real Life?


[WARNING: The following discussion of Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 11 “Legacy” contains SPOILERS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.]

After reuniting earlier in this season of Grey’s Anatomy, the characters of Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) appear to have discovered a source of happiness in one another. There is only one problem, they live in different states.

Despite the fact that Meredith’s participation in the Parkinson’s Trial contributed to her relocation to the Mayo Clinic, the long-distance relationship seemed to be functioning satisfactorily for the time being.

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However, when it came time for the next stage, which was surgery for Peter Gallagher’s character Dr. Hamilton, the locale was changed to Seattle. And “Legacy” demonstrated that both she and he have obligations in their home cities — she was working on that operation, and he had a liver transplant — and that traveling to visit him requires her to be absent from her children.

Meredith did make a surprise visit to Nick’s residence at the end of the episode when she broke the news to him in person that they were successful in performing surgery on Hamilton. She explained that there was only a single minor setback in the process. “The one and only person I would have liked to celebrate with is somewhere almost 2,000 kilometers away.”

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They did not answer that, but bringing it up reminds us that something needs to be done about it sooner rather than later, and based on the promo for the next episode, it may need to be very soon. Although they did not address that, bringing it up does remind us that something has to be done about that sooner rather than later.

Meredith understands the significance of the first part of Nick’s statement to her when he tells her, “When I’m Falling in Love, I Don’t Love the Feeling of Losing Control,” and she does not miss the first part of the sentence.

How serious can things go between them before they are forced to confront the reality of what their future holds in regard to the distance between them?

It is already common knowledge that the nineteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy will air, and that Ellen Pompeo will reprise her role as Meredith. We do not know if Speedman will continue to play Nick, and whether or not he does, it might very well play a role in what takes place between the two characters.

If he decides to stay, would it be possible for Meredith to continue going to see him, and would it be possible for him to occasionally visit Seattle?

Is it possible that he will be moving soon, which is why we saw him working as a scrub technician at Grey Sloan in the episode “Living in a House Divided”?

Was that a sneak peek at what’s in store later on?

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