Why Is Biden Being Compelled to Make a Fourth Stimulus Payment? Now Is the Time to Read!


As the COVID-19 spreads like wildfire in 2022, many Americans start signing petitions requesting yet another stimulus check. Throughout COVID-19, it was a lifeline for the American people, and it helped keep the economy afloat during the depression caused by the lockdowns.

As a result of the Corona pandemic, the federal government provided three stimulus cheques. There is no means to conduct a fourth stimulus test at this moment. According to Sun.com, if the situation worsens, President Biden may be forced to act to alleviate the pain of ordinary Americans.

A direct payment of $1,200 was included in the first stimulus package, while a payment of $600 was added in the second. As part of Vice President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Act, an additional $1,400 in stimulus money was granted.

A fourth wave of stimulus investment is unnecessary due to the growing economy and low unemployment rate.


A fourth inspection is unlikely due to a number of considerations. The economy has recovered, and unemployment rates have dropped to levels not seen in decades.

Inflation has also increased, which is typically attributed to the stimulus cheques. No one, on the other hand, expected the COVID-19 4th wave to make a reappearance. Furthermore, the Omicron strain is extremely dangerous, and it might swiftly overwhelm the country’s healthcare system.

Despite the fact that the number of COVID-19 cases has grown, the symptoms are milder, and individuals who have been vaccinated should be immune to the virus.

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Even while the pandemic is still going on, things could change if something unexpected happens. If a new variety appears, the vaccine may become ineffective. It’s possible that things will revert to their previous state.

According to polls, President Obama may be forced to issue a fourth stimulus check.

Vice President Biden must be concerned about his decreasing popularity now. His approval rating was 56 percent according to Gallup a few months ago. Despite this, his approval rating has plummeted to only 43%. His approval rating was at an all-time high at the time. He may be forced to use another stimulus if his situation continues to deteriorate.

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