Why Will Vice President Joe Biden Be Compelled to Make a Fourth Stimulus Payment to the American People?

As the COVID-19 spreads like wildfire in 2022, an increasing number of Americans begin signing petitions begging for yet another stimulus check. As a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns, it provided a lifeline to the American people and helped keep the economy afloat throughout the subsequent slump.

As a result of the Corona pandemic, the federal government offered three stimulus checks to anyone who qualified. The inability to conduct a fourth stimulus test is due to the lack of available resources.

In an article published on Sun.com, it is suggested that a worsening scenario may push President Biden to take action to relieve the suffering of the common American citizen.

One of the components of the first stimulus package was a direct payment of $1,200, while the second featured a payment of $600. As part of Vice President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Act, an extra $1,400 in stimulus money was granted.

Currently, a fourth wave of stimulus investment is not necessary due to the growing economy and low unemployment rate.

Why Will Vice President Joe Biden Be Compelled to Make a Fourth Stimulus Payment to the American People?

There are a variety of circumstances that have decreased the possibility of a fourth examination. Despite a resurgence in the economy, jobless rates have plummeted to their lowest levels in decades.

Another effect of the stimulus checks is a spike in inflation, which is frequently linked to it. Those who anticipated a return of the COVID-19 4th wave, on the other hand, were mistaken.

Furthermore, the Omicron strain is extremely contagious and has the potential to overwhelm the nation’s healthcare system in a short period of time..

COVID-19 is becoming more common, although the symptoms are less than in previous years, and people who have received the vaccine should be immune to the virus.

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The epidemic is still running, but if an unforeseen occurrence occurs, the situation might drastically shift. If a new strain of the virus arises, the vaccination may become useless. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, things may start over.

President Obama might be forced to announce a fourth stimulus package if the polls continue to trend in his favour.

The Vice President, Joe Biden, must be concerned about his waning popularity at this point. The Gallup Organization revealed that his approval rating was at 56 percent just a couple of months ago.

However, his popularity rating has slipped to only 43% as a result of these developments. His approval rating had reached its zenith at that point in time. Depending on how his situation continues to develop, he may be obliged to use another stimulus.

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