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Do you like the anime series Yama no Susume? Are you looking forward to the show’s second season? If so, you’ve come to the correct place! This article contains the most recent information on Yama no Susume: Next Summit Season 2, including the renewal date, cast and character list, ratings, and more. Continue reading and have fun!

Is Season 2 of Yama no Susume: Next Summit Renewed or Cancelled?

Next Summit: Yama no Susume Season 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to the popular anime series Yama no Susume. Following the first season’s success, fans throughout the world have been eagerly awaiting news of Season 2’s renewal.

Unfortunately, it is currently unclear whether Yama no Susume: Next Summit Season 2 has been renewed or cancelled. Yama no Susume’s first season concluded, and fans eagerly awaited the sequel. Unfortunately, there have been no official updates from the animation studio about the series’ future.

Yama no Susume: Next Summit Season 2

This has fans wondering whether the sequel is still in the works or if the series has been cancelled. It is crucial to note that the original manga series is still ongoing, with new chapters issued on a regular basis. This implies that the animation studio has a lot of material to work with for the sequel. However, it is unknown whether or not the studio will decide to revive the series.

Release Date and Time for Yama no Susume: Next Summit Season 2

Yama no Susume: Next Summit Season 2 is one of the most anticipated anime series, and fans have been waiting for the release date with bated breath. Unfortunately, no official release date has been set. Although the first season aired in 2022, the second season is still in the works and has not been formally greenlit.

Despite no formal confirmation, manufacturing is thought to have already commenced, with a release date of sometime in 2023. Previously, the creators took their time with the project and did not rush the production process. As a result, fans should expect the second season to be no different.

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Yama no Susume: Next Summit Plot: What Will It Be About?

When Aoi Yukimura recalls and reminisces about her previous trip, she becomes anxious to go mountaineering again. Aoi discovers a potentially profitable chance when Koharu Senjuin encourages her to visit the Mountaineering Club after school. Koharu, the club’s head, is usually ecstatic when she talks about the events she and the other members participate in, especially the several contests in which they want to win.

Even while Aoi admires the club’s commitment to its objectives, she is hesitant to join because she prefers to study and enjoy mountaineering on her own terms. However, the circumstances of this little journey have forced her to reconsider the purpose of her mountaineering pursuits. With the encouragement of her comrades, Aoi continues to train for her long-awaited second ascent of Mount Fuji. Concurrently, she investigates the underlying significance of her fascination.

Who Will Appear in Season 2 of Yama no Susume: Next Summit? (Character and Cast)

Yama no Susume: Next Summit season 2 is set to launch shortly, and fans are excited to see who will be in the cast and characters. Fans of the series are eager to see what happened to their favorite characters and what story will unfold this season. The drama stars a number of well-known and outstanding actors, including

Yama no Susume: Next Summit Season 2

Character Voice Artist
Izumi, Iori Masuda, Toshiki
Izumi, Mitsuki Yonaga, Tsubasa
Nanase, Riku Ono, Kensho
Nikaidou, Yamato Shirai, Yuusuke
Ousaka, Sougo Abe, Atsushi
Rokuya, Nagi Eguchi, Takuya
Yotsuba, Tamaki KENN
Anesagi, Kaoru Kawahara, Yoshihisa

What Are the Show’s Ratings?

Yama no Susume: Next Summit has received extremely positive ratings from both fans and critics. On IMDB, the show received a 7.3/5.0 rating, while Crunchyroll gave it a 4.55 rating. So, yes, this show is in my book. If you’re still on the fence about viewing it, read what others had to say about it after you. If you’re curious about how highly Amazfeed rated this episode, the score should be 7.8 out of 10.

Yama no Susume: Next Summit Can be Seen Where?

The series is presently available for viewing on several platforms, including Crunchyroll and Hulu, allowing you to catch up on the first season and prepare for the new season when it debuts. If you want to own physical copies of the episodes, several of the first season episodes are available on Blu-ray or DVD.


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